You’re Ready For Change… But What About Your Team?

You’ve spent time drilling down on your vision and strategy (by the way, these aren’t the same thing!).

You’ve mapped out a plan you think will get you across the line. Now, all that’s left to do? Implement and execute.

Therein lies the problem. As the leader of your business, you might feel crystal clear about where you want to take your organization in the next 6-12+ months…

…but chances are, you’re being supported by a team of individuals who are used to “the way things have always been done.”

As the leader of your business, you’re the visionary, the mastermind, AND the person who’s ultimately responsible for enrolling the rest of your team in the big idea.

If your people are having a hard time seeing past the status quo to what could be possible for your organization, it’s up to YOU to paint the picture, lead the charge, and support them through the transition.

Here’s what that looks like for successful businesses and how to approach it in your own…

Why Do Teams Experience Resistance to Change?

Whether your team is comprised of five people or 500+ people, the reality is that a company is made up of individuals. Even though it may be *your* business, changes to the way people show up, live their lives, and grow in the company can create some friction.

This isn’t because your team is uninspired or unwilling to shift with you. More often than not, if your team is resisting changes to how you’ve always done things, some underlying issues are at play. In many cases, they may be struggling with:

  • Uncertainty: They’ve gotten into a rhythm at work, and they may feel unclear or uneasy about how these changes will impact their role and their day-to-day life.  They will need to hear this multiple times from you to understand. Once or twice is not enough.  You must build repetitive communication and updates into your rollout.
  • Lack of Trust: This one might hurt—but if you haven’t built deep trust and confidence as a leader, your people may be struggling to trust that you’re leading them down the path of success.
  • Doubts Based On Past Failed Efforts: Have you tried to make sweeping changes in the past only to fall off course or even magnify the issues you were trying to fix? If your team has seen your business through a few swings and misses, it’s natural for them to question why this time will be any different.
  • Lack of Support: Even when we come into it with the best intentions, changes in your business can create increased workload or temporary friction for your team. Resistant team members may be concerned that they’ll have more on their plates than they can handle and that they won’t be supported through the process.

For business leaders, dealing with this resistance can be frustrating. Rather than getting flustered by your team or taking their resistance personally, what if you created a clear plan to support and reassure your team through the whole transformation process? Here’s how…

How a Business Coach Can Help Support Your Team Through Seasons of Transformation

When most people think of business coaches, they think of strategy and consulting. While these are both pieces of the package, a great business coach can help you step up as a leader, create a plan of action, and implement a process to ensure your team feels supported while you’re leading them through change and executing on your plan.

Furthermore, a truly effective business coach can dramatically cut down the time it takes for you to execute on your strategy and achieve your big-picture vision. Often, our clients are able to bring their 3-5 year plans to life in just 1-2 years—because our proven process provides the clarity, strategy, and accountability they need to put the medal to the medal and accelerate their dreams. Some ways we can do this include:

Clarifying & Clearly Articulating the Vision & Strategy

You’ve GOT the vision and strategy… but getting the point across to your people can be challenging. Working with a third-party business coach can help you get more precise, focused, and clear about EXACTLY what you want to accomplish and help you unlock the right way to communicate the vision to your team.  In fact, you may invite your business coach to be part of the rollout event with your team, since a third party often has enhanced credibility.

Providing clarity around the reasons for the changes and what lies on the path ahead quells team members’ doubts and invites them to buy into the vision for the company. Understanding the big-picture strategy makes it easier to see the finish line and understand why some temporary friction will be worth it in the end.

Communicating the vision and strategy clearly helps them see themselves in a larger future that is exciting and inspiring.

Building Trust Through Co-Creation

Inviting a business coach into your organization during a season of change sets the tone for new ways of approaching old problems. When you bring a new face and new ideas to the table, your team is primed to accept that some shifts are about to happen.

Furthermore, opening up your business to a business coach makes the transformation process feel more collaborative. By discussing your ideas openly and inviting your team members to be part of the co-creation process, you foster an attitude of creativity, optimism, excitement, and trust.

Connection & Communication

Do you ever feel like the right hand of your business has no idea what the left hand is doing? This feeling of disjointedness can become especially profound when you’re in the midst of a major growth experience.

A strong business coach can step in with a framework, benchmarks, and communication processes that help everyone feel clear and connected. This is a great way to reassure your team that everything is under control and that all changes are being made from a place of intention, purpose, and progress.

Raising The Stakes

This one is especially true for organizations where you may have tried and failed to implement major changes in the recent past. If your team has been along for the ride as you’ve tried to trial-and-error your way through creating new processes or implementing a business operating system, they may need some extra reassurance to believe that this time can actually work.

Bringing a business coach into the mix shows your team that you’re serious about getting things right and invested in the process. Especially when that coach has regular communication with your leadership team, their presence can work wonders in terms of winning resistant team members over. Your business coach’s experience, confidence, and connection with your team should leave everyone—you included—feeling like the changes you want to see are realistic, strategic, and 100% doable.

How International Granite & Stone Took Their Team From Chaotic & Resistant—to Consistently ‘Kicking Butt’

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