Would You Want to Work For You? Are You Sure?

You’ve probably spent plenty of time dreaming about roles you’d love to hire for, visualizing the kind of person you’d love to have on your team. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself—have we created a business or a culture where people want to come to work? Better yet, would YOU want to work for you?

Answer this question honestly. Would the people on your team use “fun, challenging, exciting, and inspiring” to describe being part of your business?

Finding the right people to fill the right roles is only part of the hiring equation. Putting all your energy into *getting* the right person into the role is your short-term issue.

Figuring out what will keep them there, where they can be a long term asset to your company, should be your main focus – and to make that happen, you’re going to need to invest energy and resources in your people.

Before we go any further, let’s address the elephant in the room. We talk to business owners and leaders who are struggling with entitlement issues all the time. 

Individuals on their teams have no clue what it takes to run a business, manage the risks, or address all of the costs—and expectations of their employers are often  not realistic. We get it.

What we also understand is this. In today’s job market, recruiting and retention issues are real, and there are some key things businesses can do to become more magnetic to talent.

What Does It Take to Attract & Keep Quality Talent?

Just as your business has Ideal Clients and Brand Promises—so too should you have an Employee Value Propoisition (EVP). Your EVP is the unique-to-you blend of reasons why an Ideal Candidate/Employee would be attracted to working with your organization. The definition of a truly stellar Employee Value Proposition varies from company to company. Yours should reflect your core values as a business and as a leader.

Why does your EVP matter? The data is clear. A recent Forbes post cites the following statistics. On average, replacing an employee costs a business approximately 33% of their annual salary.

Additionally, nearly 38% of employees will decide to leave their job within the first year of employment. With that in mind, considering the cost of losing talent and the likelihood it will happen, if you want to beat the statistics you better have the right EVP in place.

Some common examples of attractive EVPs might include:

  • Above-average salaries
  • Profit-sharing opportunities
  • Performance bonuses<
  • Competitive healthcare and retirement plans
  • Tuition reimbursement or educational subsidies
  • Flexible schedules and/or generous PTO
  • Hybrid/remote work options
  • Workplace wellness programs or gym memberships
  • Clear paths for advancement in the company
  • Internal mobility
  • Mentorship and continuing education opportunities
  • Team-building experiences or company retreats
  • Childcare assistance

Ultimately, what’s important isn’t that you hit ALL the flashy things on that list—but rather, that you understand what really matters to your perfect-fit people and invest in delivering on that promise.

Thinking Beyond the Bullet Points

While flashy perks like high salaries, remote work, and abundant PTO can be helpful in attracting more eyes to your job listing and even persuading people to give your company a fair shake, your EVP should extend beyond a bulleted list of ‘nice to haves.’

If you want to move past attracting top talent and start RETAINING them, your EVP must be woven into the very fabric of your company culture.

For example—let’s say you’ve identified employee wellness as one of your major priorities. You might set your employees up with a great benefits package, gym membership, generous PTO, and regular workplace wellness activities. That’s a fantastic start.

But what happens if your actions and culture don’t back up those bullet points?

What happens if—as is the case in so many businesses—you preach about employee wellness but then create conditions where your employees feel overworked, taken for granted, and unable to use all that generous PTO you promised?

That’s when your A-players pack up and leave, taking all that valuable training to work for another team who knows how to treat them well not just on paper, but in real life.

So how do you avoid the churn? You create a company culture that fully reflects the values you’ve promised from the very beginning. You root your company in integrity and reassuring your team that you’re a leader they can trust.

For example, instilling a company culture of employee wellness might look like:

  • Creating clear expectations and boundaries for each role and sticking to them, so no one ends up feeling like they’re getting paid one salary while filling two positions.
  • Intentionally setting up time for open communication and feedback amongst team members at all levels (leadership included), so even your intern-level team members feel valued, heard, and respected.
  • Designing processes to encourage a spacious, rhythmic workflow that creates less stress AND allows your employees to utilize their vacation/sick days without guilt.

Figuring out your company’s EVP is an extremely personal process that might take some time to nail down. You can start today by taking an audit of your own leadership against factors that today’s top talent cares about. 

Ask yourself: If you were a highly-skilled, in-demand hire looking for their next opportunity, would YOU be attracted to your company?

Would you be excited and inspired to have yourself as a boss?

Do your current team members feel satisfied, appreciated, and content in their roles?

If the answer to each of those questions isn’t an enthusiastic, confident yes—then it’s a no. You’ve got some work to do.

Clarity Starts Here

For business leaders who are serious about taking their company’s culture and success to the next level, working with a business coach who can provide external perspective and fresh strategy can be an essential, much-needed next step.

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