Why Do You Have a Coach if You Aren’t Listening?

If you’ve been in business for a year or more, chances are that—for better or for worse—some of your regular habits are pretty set in stone. You probably repeat certain processes week after week, whether or not you’re consciously thinking about your actions, whether they’re driving results, or if they’re working for you.

You’ve probably found yourself questioning whether there could be a better way to do something. Then, you fall back into thinking you don’t have time to assess a new method, throw your hands up, and slip back into the familiar:

“We’ve always done it this way.”

Letting go of old habits and outdated ways of thinking can be challenging. But if you’re ready to see serious growth, it begins with letting go of what’s no longer serving you, your team, and your clients.

When you hire a business coach, your coach’s job is to come in and highlight inefficiencies. A great coach can see strategic hiccups and other issues you might not see, as well as recognize the things that are going really well and need to be leveraged even more.

The problem isn’t that you don’t know what you’re doing; you wouldn’t have made it this far if you weren’t a savvy business owner. 

Often, it’s simply a matter of being too close to our own issues. We need a third-person perspective to see the truth of how business is REALLY going and what needs to shift in order to hit our goals.

That’s where business coaching comes in—but it only works if you let your coach in to see what’s really going on.

The Danger of Shutting Your Coach Out

The concept of coaching sounds good on paper. But far too often, when it’s time to actually take a coach’s advice and shift away from “the way things have always been done,” business owners freeze or—at best—procrastinate.

Leaders hire coaches to help them develop new strategies, improve their leadership skills, and guide their professional growth. However, even as you make that investment in working with a new coach, you may unconsciously be blocking your coach’s efforts to help you expand.

Old ways of thinking and hidden fears can lead you to shut your coach out instead of opening up to their guidance. Instead of playing offense, you may be getting defensive and not even know it.

These outdated ways of thinking often take the shape of thoughts like:

  • “I already know all of this.”
  • “I tried that already.”
  • “That won’t work for my business because X, Y, or Z.”
  • “They don’t know how it is in our industry.”
  • “But the way we’ve done things has gotten us this far.”

While a little bit of healthy skepticism is a good thing in today’s age of over-promising internet gurus, defensive thoughts like these may be a sign that you’re clinging a little too tightly to the status quo.

Your fear of trusting a seasoned, battle-tested business coach to guide you into your next chapter could be seriously stifling your business growth potential. 

So, how can you move forward? If you’re truly ready to do business differently and see how far you can go with the right third-party business coach by your side, you have to be willing to:

  • Release your attachment to “the way it’s always been.”
  • Try something new, promising, and—yes—potentially a little scary.
  • Let your metrics do the driving (instead of your feelings).
  • Allow yourself to be vulnerable and trusting with your new coach.
  • Ask the hard questions and be open to receiving honest answers even when they sting.
  • Be willing to fail, because change and innovation will not always succeed on the first go around.

THIS is how you avoid entering a strategic sparring match in which your coach is making recommendations that you consistently delay or refuse to implement—and, by association, how you avoid feeling like you wasted money on a coaching package that couldn’t meet your organization’s needs.

Looking For a Leader You Can Trust?

If you’re considering working with a business coach this year, we’d love to have a conversation about whether an Exit Momentum Business Coach could be right for you.

With extensive backgrounds in entrepreneurship and diligent, boots-on-the-ground business training, our coaches bring a proven process to the table. You don’t have to blindly trust that what we’re teaching works—because we have hundreds of happy clients who’ve proven how fast transformation really can happen when you implement the right foundational pillars in your business.

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