What Would Happen If You Could Increase Your Decision Velocity?

Is that client the right fit for our organization?
Should I hire a new employee or retrain an existing team member?
What’s the best process for overcoming challenges a, b, and c?

As a business owner, your day is packed with difficult decisions. From finding time to schedule that next meeting to deciding whether or not you should fire that underperforming employee—business owners find themselves making hundreds of decisions daily.

It’s mentally exhausting, and frankly, takes up an unreasonable amount of time in your already-jam-packed schedule.

But what if making decisions—even really big, important ones—could happen faster? What if you could quickly discern the best possible course of action and accelerate moving forward with total certainty?

No, we’re not talking about making knee jerk decisions based on impulse or emotion.

We’re talking about increasing your Decision Velocity—your ability to make quick, calculated, confident decisions rooted in data.

Measuring Your Metrics = Increased Decision Velocity

One of the biggest mistakes we see business owners making again and again is failing to measure and track the right metrics. Most entrepreneurs focus on lag indicators like ROI or sales while completely overlooking important lead indicators that can provide much-needed clarity when making decisions.

Feel confident that you’re already tracking the right numbers? Even entrepreneurs who keep an eye on their numbers usually review them too infrequently. For example, most business owners know their monthly numbers… but when did you last look at your weekly trends?

9.9 times out of 10, a business owner’s commitment and discipline around tracking metrics won’t hold up perfectly from month to month. Chances are, you probably do 8-9 deep dives a year at most. When you track weekly, you can more easily keep your finger on the pulse of your business and identify important microtrends.

Why does this matter? Imagine if every time you were faced with a choice in your company, you had a clear set of dialed-in data to help you discern which option would most likely lead to a positive outcome.

You’d be able to quickly map out your possible paths forward, project which path would lead to your desired destination, and make a clear, quick choice on how to move forward—no hemming and hawing required.

Ready to Take Action?

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How One Family Business Cut Through the Uncertainty & Took Accelerated Action

“Running this business with my mom, we got distracted by ‘shiny objects.’ Using this process has made follow-through and delegation so streamlined.”

Laura Corbin
Spencer Pest Control

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