Client Results

case studies & Testimonials from past clients

“The company’s leadership team is much more aligned and focused. We have a significant increase in visibility  into the business as a whole. Now we all know what each other are working on and we have a comfort level that we’re working on the right things.”
“As a team, we’ve shifted… Their attitudes, drive, productivity in the office, feelings of ease at work—everything has improved.”
“When I came here it was six employees, now we’re at about 40; so I’ve seen it from every perspective, every type of position of how this company has adapted and changed along the way. It just feels great to be able to be a part of something that feels not just breakneck speed; but extremely just a joy to be apart of really feeling like we’re pulling together to grow every single day.”
“We are able to see problems coming at us before they ever become a big issue and we are able to see our victories before they even come. Everything is right there in front of you, black and white.”
“The biggest takeaway that I have from working with them, personally, is they’re just brutally honest when they need to be and that’s why we hired them. Cullen has always kept us focused & on track.”
“We were not in a decent place before starting with Cullen. We were in a position of we didn’t know where we were and we didn’t know how bad things were…I think that we may have actually saved the company because I do believe it would have been too late if we wouldn’t have started with Cullen.”
“We didn’t have a good system for tracking the business or working through problems.  Our method of communication was call, text, email, shouting from the office—all over the place… Having someone from outside to listen to us, learn the ins and outs of our business, and provide their perspective was huge for us.”
“Exit Momentum has made a world of difference in all facets of our business… We feel so confident as business owners… We didn’t even know what we didn’t know. I don’t know how we were doing this beforehand.”
“Before Exit Momentum, we were all running towards some sort of goal but didn’t really have a vision… There was a lot of muddy water around ‘success.’ You didn’t know when you were winning and when you were losing. This system helped us reinvent all of that.”
“Every day, we’d show up with great ideas—but it never got implemented. Our meetings were wishy-washy. It felt like we were paddling upstream… Now, I’m 100% certain—where we are today and the progress we’ve made in the past 6-8 months couldn’t have happened without Exit Momentum.”