Success Stories
Starting last year Cullen advised me as an owner for my Plumbing & HVAC contracting business helping me get strategic about my plans. During that time revenue grew by 23% while increasing profit margins, and I attribute his method for helping me get clear on the outcomes I wanted to hit and pushing me to define the process I was going to use to get there as one of the key drivers to our success. He also caused me to recognize that the ways I had built the business since founding it would not allow it to grow much further and would continue to consume more of my focus and energy which left less for my family. Cullen treats your business like it is his and is not afraid of pushing you to see what you may not be able to even see for yourself. His experience across industries and varying size companies brought a unique perspective to ours compared to others who only knew my industry or contracting. I’d recommend having a conversation with Cullen at a minimum.

Patrick Grogan, CEO
Pat Plumbing, Heating, & Air

As CIO for a billion dollar portfolio of construction companies, I was looking for a methodology to keep my IT teams on track and accountable for delivering results that mattered. Working with Cullen, we implemented processes and tools that kept my team delivering results towards top company initiatives. This brought transparency and accountability to myself and my entire team when it came to delivering valuable outcomes to support and drive the business. My team now has the "One Thing" that they are driving to every quarter with weekly metrics to measure whether they are on or off-track to achieving their targets. Cullen brought energy and experience that helped us focus on what was truly critical to supporting and leading the business and not just urgent and unimportant. I look forward to working with Cullen on future projects and would highly recommend him to any business leader that is looking for assistance.

Mike Weaver
In the midst of expanding my existing insurance businesses into brand new markets I found myself questioning the structure and partner strategy I should pursue. In working with Cullen he was able to help me see options I had not considered. He challenged my mindset, reminded me of what I had already accomplished, and then combined that to define my action plan for my cleanest path to revenue. His direction and guidance was the push I needed to launch and was critical at the time looking back now.

Matt Clark, President
Private Management Insurance Agency
We leveraged the expertise of Cullen Talley for consulting with our real estate investing company. Prior to using Cullen we would continuously get caught up in the day to day firefighting of the business without advancing deals and profits at the rate we knew possible. By leveraging Cullen’s extensive business background and the processes associated with target identification and execution strategies we have made some extremely profitable changes in how we operate in a surprisingly short period of time. We would strongly recommend his expertise.

Philip Henry

Cullen Talley was a critical business asset to me in managing 9 dealerships and nearly 200 employees. He was an integral part of my contract negotiations within First Choice Auto Group as I was being recruited to another auto group that had tremendous opportunity but would also require substantial sacrifice for me personally.
Cullen spent hours with me preparing for the battles to come. I have been able to take his expertise and advice and utilize it in many different facets of my career. I went from being the Director to VP I was able to cut my work week from 6 days a week 14 hours a day to 5 days working from 9-5.  I am now out on my own running my own business where Cullen has again always been willing to hear me out and assist me in finding the right directions to move.

I am forever indebted to this man, he is by far one of the most powerful and loyal men I know.

Deric Keller, Founder
Battlefield Boardroom

If you are looking for a shortcut this will not be the best resource for your future endeavors. There is only hard work, accountability, wisdom, and amazing growth potential should you be so fortunate to hitch your wagon to Cullen Talley.

Testimonials can be somewhat biased because deep down we want to believe in it/them and are willing to take strangers advice on decisions that can effect both long and short term goal paths. We look at reviews, check to see how many stars, even go as far as stalking friends and family opinions to ensure we don’t fall into a trap. These are mostly material things we buy on Amazon. Relationships and goals should be treated differently. I can give you all the stars for Cullen and some very generic fluff about how amazing he is and it would all be accurate but it will not be the core truth.

The truth is that Cullen is the wisest person I’ve ever met. Wisdom is not a show stopping word we associate with today in society. If you own a business, are married, have children, or in-laws...this is a commodity that’s absolutely invaluable. You clicked on this web page and then this link because you are looking for something. You are looking for something that can help you be better, smarter, wealthier, happier, ultimately more fulfilled.

I have had the privilege of watching Cullen do this exact thing in his own life. A simple analogy would be that we all need a compass to help us navigate. We never stop to consider if the compass is in fact accurate. In faith we believe that the very definition makes the compass valid.
Cullen is a human compass. If you allow him to be a guide he will very simply put you in the right direction because he knows where you need to head.
This may all sound very Zen but it is very simply the truth. This guy is a unicorn. More than that he is like a big brother to me. If you are in a place where you don’t have someone that will love you unconditionally, tell you what you can do to not be an idiot and not be offended but ENCOURAGED, well this link was meant for you.

I’ll land the plane. We don’t know each other but I’m writing this because I believe in two things:

1. If you are willing to be reachable and coachable your world will be enlarged with a capacity for more success, resource, and fulfillment.

2. Cullen Talley

My family is better, my life is better, my vocation is way more enjoyable, and ultimately my spiritual being is more fulfilled because of my friend Cullen. I know him well and I am hoping you do yourself a favor and make the investment because the return you seek will far exceed anything you can imagine. No sales, no fluff, all truth. So you have so graciously taken the time to read a strangers summation on this Cullen Talley you will also have a choice to make and my sincere hope and prayer is that you simply reach out to him and hear his will be the wisest thing you can do.
Much Love-

Luke Gehbauer
Founder & CEO
LA Custom Construction