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“This system has narrowed our focus. We’re on the same page about what our goals are and how we’re going to get there, so nothing is getting dropped.”

—Kate Rooney | Marketing Director, Design Pickle

“I was completely lost. Money was running tight and I had no plan or focus. Exit Momentum gave me a clear strategy… I had a vision in mind, and it’s exactly what I achieved in the end.”

—Dr. Alexander Madaus | Founder, Rising King Academy of Germany

Our work together starts with submitting your application & scheduling a 30-minute Intro Call,
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  • New Insights about your business and how you can start developing your leadership skills (even if we don’t end up working together).
  • Answers to all of your questions about how we can help you reach your goals.
  • A clear understanding of who we are and wether our unique approach to growth strategy & leadership development is right for your business.
  • Confidence around whether you’d like to continue the conversation around potentially collaborating to execute on your vision for your business.

“If you need tactical execution inside your company… I can tell you with zero hesitation that I back Exit Momentum.”

Wake Up Warrior – Garret J. White

“Being able to gain perspective & look at better ways to do things is vital… Exit Momentum will tell you what you need to hear, in a way you can receive.”

Swann’s Furniture

“Exit Momentum helps you look way down the road… The conversations I had with Exit Momentum were priceless.”

—Doug McGhee | Owner, Realm.Men

“I’ve got a big team underneath me, people from all over the globe. I was struggling to stay organized… This work really helped me gain a sense of clarity.”

—Nico Moore | Global Operations Director, Design Pickle

“We had a lot of metrics but weren’t really keeping track of what was going on… Not only did this give us accountability, we had a scorecard to show us what the actual data looks like.”

—Tim Citeno | Head of Marketing, Spencer Pest Services

“Our growth was pretty crazy early on… We weren’t doing justice to our team and needed to get organized.”

—Jim Pedicone | Chief of Staff, Design Pickle
“We felt like we were learning how to fly and building a plane at the same time… Now I finally have clarity in my role, and I can pass that down to my teammates. There’s way less anxiety.”

—Alex Guevara | Director of Experience, Design Pickle

“We loved to sit and problem solve but hated the execution—or we’d just have too much on our plate… Using this process has made follow-through and delegation so streamlined.”

—Laura Corbin | Integrator, Spencer Pest Services

“We’re finally dialing in our issues, solving them, and then moving onto our next issues.”

—Josh Center | Sales & Operations, Spencer Pest Services

“I wanted to transition away from being entrenched in my business… In 90 days I completely removed myself from being stuck in operations.”

—James Cummins | Owner, Elite Training