It’s time to quit playing
Whack-a-Mole in your business.

Hit this issue, then the next one. Then, the first one pops back up again. It’s exhausting.

Winning requires a proven process for taking issues out for good, one by one.

Exit Momentum’s Proven Process


Apply For Your Discovery Call

Fill out an application to request a 30-minute consultation. If accepted, you’ll learn more about our unique approach to business coaching, leadership development, and strategic planning.


Call in Your Team for a Fit Meeting

How serious are we about helping you develop your leadership team? We want them on your information & evaluation call, so they can be part of the business coaching process from the very beginning.


Make a Decision

We strongly believe you should be a Clear Yes or a Clear No about working with our team so we will schedule a decision call following the Fit Meeting. If you’re ready to approach this work with that level of intensity and clarity and we feel like your team is the right fit for our process, we’ll make things official.


Implementation Day 1 | The Kickoff Session

To kick off our work together, we’ll start our 30-day rapid implementation process with your full day Kickoff Session:

  • Your Coach, onsite with your leadership team, begins with a focus on gaining clarity on current challenges & priorities.
  • Learn to build leaders, use an Accountability Chart, set Rocks, and create a company scoreboard.
  • Set clear meeting agendas, save time, and track progress with clarity.
  • Leave Kickoff Day with a clear understanding of the steps for small business success & transformation by implementing your action plan and business operating system.
  • Your account fully customized and setup for you.
  • Unpack these five core pillars in the business tailored to specific circumstances and goals:


The key to scaling sustainably is to build a team that can keep your business running like a well-oiled machine from the business owner to every individual employee. We’ll help you make it happen.


Examine why the work you’re doing really matters to you & develop a clear vision for what you really want out of your business and what a successful business means to you.


No more guesswork! Get a new business action plan full of robust processes, 1:1 strategic support, plus a clear set of rules, metrics, and more you’ll follow to reach new heights.


How will you measure your success? We’ll develop clear benchmarks you can use to assess how your business is growing and make adjustments as needed.


Through our work, you’ll unlock new realms of profitability by actually doing LESS of the hard work in your business.


Implementation Day 2 | Vision Session

At the end of your first month, you’ll meet with your coach again onsite to discuss how things are going. You’ll continue clarifying and optimizing your work to date, confirm your vision, and more. During this session, work through:

  • Clarifying and optimizing previous work.
  • Confirming Core Values and Purpose.
  • Commitment to defining a plan to achieve your BHAG at record speed.
  • Accountability to the vision and support to regain control of your time so you have time to invest on it.

We’ll also get clear on your:

Core Values

as an organization, and how they’ll inform your business growth


for your business, which we’ll use in developing your leadership team, business action plan, and building a strong core of reliable employees who’ve bought into your “why.”

BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)

that “pie in the sky” vision you’re almost too afraid to say out loud. We want to know what it is, because we’re gonna help you get there at record speed.

Ideal Client

so we can make sure everything you do is attracting the right people to your business.

Brand Promises

so we can understand EXACTLY what impact you want to make for your clients and keep that promise at front-of-mind as we develop every aspect of your small business.


Implementation Day 3 | Strategy Session

By the end of your first 60 days, you’ll start noticing profound differences in the way you run your business, executing on your vision & strategy like never before. During your Implementation Day 3, the focus will be on:

  • Reviewing & Clarifying all work to date
  • Setting New Goals for the Next 3 Years.
  • Reverse engineering goals into clear, actionable steps.
  • Creating a 1-Year Business Action Plan based on the 3-year vision.
  • Establishing Quarterly “Rocks” – benchmarks for staying on track.
  • Identifying Issues & Opportunities by addressing challenges and refining the use of the business operating system.
  • Providing an exact, simple, step-by-step path to the vision that is shareable and digestible to your entire company.



After your 60-Day Strategy Session, you’ll be asked to make a decision about whether you’d like to continue working together. If you and your Exit Momentum Business Coach agree that moving forward makes sense, you’ll transition into our EXECUTION stage and shift to a month-to-month coaching model.
Most of our clients spend at least 12 months in the EXECUTION stage, working hand-in-hand with their coach to strengthen their team, develop their leadership skills, scale the business, and much more. During the Execution stage, you’ll:

  • Engage in In-Person Quarterly Reset Sessions.
  • Participate in 2 Day Offsite Annual In-Person Sessions.
  • Collaborate closely with the Exit Momentum Business Coach for ongoing progress & on-demand support.

Ready to take your first step?

What Is
Your New Business Operating
System Software.

Originally developed for EOS® Certified Implementers, is the software we use to help our clients develop leadership teams and robust systems with mind-blowing ease and efficiency.

From tracking productivity in meetings, to monitoring your traction as you grow, to setting and blasting through long-term goals, helps our clients implement the strategies we create together without tech overwhelm. Your business’ software will be fully setup, configured, and customized for you and your team by us by the end of your Kickoff Day.

Still Have Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

Explore these frequently asked questions…

How is the Exit Momentum methodology different from other popular business coaching programs?
At Exit Momentum, we prioritize results, efficiency, clarity, & accountability above all else. Whereas implementers for some popular business coaching frameworks over-teach, assign homework, and ask a lot of time and energy from owners, we like to cut straight to the chase and help you start reining in the chaos ASAP.

Some business coaches “give you a fish.” Others promise to “teach you how to fish.” The problem with both of these models is—you shouldn’t be the one doing the fishing at all. Exit Momentum is different because we focus on helping business owners build a whole fleet of top-notch “fishermen” who can think, act, and make decisions independently—so you can scale easily, without sacrificing your sanity as the business owner.

In other words, our work together isn’t just about helping you develop a business strategy. We’re helping you develop a strong team of leaders who can own their roles in your business and create space for you to focus on achieving the grandest possible vision for your business—including eventually building the next generation of leaders to manage your inevitable growth.

How do I know whether Exit Momentum is a good fit for us?

Great question. Our most successful clients are:

  • Already running a successful business. We focus on scaling, streamlining, & developing. If you’re looking for help with starting a brand new business, we’re probably not the right fit for each other.
  • Eager to be coached. You’re the expert in your field. We’re experts in ours. We love working with business owners who are highly coachable and excited to implement new frameworks in their business.
  • Determined to grow. This isn’t the right program for people who won’t leave their comfort zone. If you’re ready to expand to heights you may not have even considered yet—in a way that feels completely streamlined and efficient—we can help get you there.
How much time is this going to take every month?

This is a leadership development & business growth acceleration program designed for busy, overwhelmed, ambitious business owners. The last thing you need is MORE work on your plate! Our management consulting methods prioritize delegating work AWAY from the owner, so you can shift into the role of visionary and/or integrator and become a LEADER rather than feeling bogged down by the day-to-day tasks of running your business.

Our work together won’t necessarily require more time from you, apart from time spent in your coaching sessions. Rather, it will focus on helping you do your work differently—so you can accomplish more, in a fraction of the time, with precise clarity and strategy.

The biggest question…
What drives our coaches at Exit Momentum?

Ready to go?

Finding out if there’s a fit, and if Exit Momentum is the right coaching team for you, begins with a call. We’ll talk about where you’re at and where you want to go, and see if we’re the right team to help you get there.

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