Marki Willis

Marki Willis
Director of Operations

Strong sense of strategy
Unmatchable work ethic
Worked in marketing and customer service at Disney

Get to Know Marki

Marki Willis is the Director of Operations at Exit Momentum, and Founder Cullen Talley’s right-hand woman. With a degree in marketing and prior experience in healthcare account management and family/home management, Marki is uniquely positioned to provide a variety of different types of support and expertise. In fact, we sometimes joke that it would be easier to list things Marki doesn’t excel at than to name the plethora of ways she supports our mission.

Marki’s upbeat personality and well-rounded professional background give her a truly one-of-a-kind perspective on even the most seemingly-insurmountable operations challenges. Having previously worked in marketing and customer service at Disney World before joining the Exit Momentum team, Marki has an especially deep understanding of the importance of creating a positive team atmosphere and an exceptional customer experience.

All of this, combined with her naturally strong sense of strategy and her unmatchable work ethic, has made her an invaluable asset to our team—and to our clients’ teams—since 2020. Originally hired as an assistant, Marki immediately showed us what she was really made of and was promoted to her current position after executing a successful annual season for 20+ clients across the US.

Today, Marki’s favorite thing about her work at Exit Momentum is seeing how profoundly this work impacts clients’ lives.


“I love getting to spend time with clients and see how fast everything can change… What most people don’t realize is, an investment in business coaching with Exit Momentum is an investment in your growth, as a company, as an entrepreneur, and as a leader.”


  • Marki is Cullen’s “bonus daughter”—but that doesn’t mean she came by her position easily! When Marki expressed interest in working with Exit Momentum, she had to apply, interview, and go through the consideration process with all the other applicants.
  • When she’s not working, Marki enjoys living on a 27-acre farm with her husband and daughter, where she enjoys taking care of their cows and chickens.

As a coaching firm, Exit Momentum brings a proven blueprint and set of tools to our clients that allows them to achieve business results that they could not produce on their own. And, even if they could achieve those results on their own, we accelerate their success. Beyond coaching clients through creating their strategic vision and execution plan (and then putting it up on the shelf to collect dust), our coaches provide the accountability and support they need to execute on that vision and plan.

Optimizing our clients’ People, Purpose, Playbooks, Performance, and Profits, our coaches use their real-world experience leading businesses to bring an outside perspective to our clients, elevating individuals and teams to become the leaders they were meant to be.


The key to scaling sustainably is to build a team that can keep your business running like a well-oiled machine from the business owner to every individual employee. We’ll help you make it happen.


Examine why the work you’re doing really matters to you & develop a clear vision for what you really want out of your business and what a successful business means to you.


No more guesswork! Get a new business action plan full of robust processes, 1:1 strategic support, plus a clear set of rules, metrics, and more you’ll follow to reach new heights.


How will you measure your success? We’ll develop clear benchmarks you can use to assess how your business is growing and make adjustments as needed.


Through our work, you’ll unlock new realms of profitability by actually doing LESS of the hard work in your business.

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