Jason Ambeau

Jason Ambeau
Certified Business Coach

Sales, Tax, and Finance Experience
15 years leading his own consulting business
Led groups of 100 producing more than $10M in annual sales

Baton Rouge, LA
Serving Clients in the Gulf Coast

Get to Know Jason

Jason Ambeau got his start in sales when he was just 7 years old. While playing with the other neighborhood kids, Jason hatched a plan to dig a tunnel from his backyard, under the road, to his friend’s backyard. They didn’t make it very far—they grew tired of digging at about the 6’ mark and found themselves with a new problem… a massive pile of dirt that had to be managed.

THIS is where Jason’s first spark of entrepreneurship ignited. He bagged up the dirt, went around the block trying to sell dirt to the neighbors—and the rest is history.

Several years later, Jason’s innate work ethic and eye for unique opportunities would catapult his career forward. Turning an early job as a stock boy into a position as regional manager, Jason developed a people-first management style years before a focus on team culture was popular. He learned early on that PEOPLE are the key to any organization’s success—a mindset that still drives his coaching to this day.

After leaving his position as regional manager, Jason shifted his focus to sales management, retail, and banking/financial management, where he helped one company grow from $2M in revenue to more than $3.5M in just one year. For another firm, he helped ramp up their direct mail response rate from 2% to 18% by training and managing a staff of salespeople to follow up on each lead. He’s since led groups producing more than 8-figures in annual sales and managed operations for organizations in a variety of C-suite level positions.

Eventually, Jason decided to leverage his entrepreneurial acumen and decades of experience to grow his own business, managing business tax credits & property tax negotiations for small business owners. After more than 15 years of leading his own business, and immersing himself into personal coaching and development, Jason joined the Exit Momentum team as a Business Coach in 2021.

“At Exit Momentum, we always create results. We’re not coaching people to have a cool story to tell at their next cocktail party. We’re here to help them see results volume-wise, profit-wise, and people-wise… We’re proud to support our clients with a proven process that works in virtually every industry, and clear systems that get results time and time again.”


  • Jason is a happily married father of four and grandfather of two.
  • Outside of work, Jason is passionate about fitness and physical training. He believes a well-tuned body and mind are essential to long term success.
  • Jason is particularly passionate about practicing Krav Maga, an Israeli Martial art known for its focus on real-world situations and extreme efficiency.

As a coaching firm, Exit Momentum brings a proven blueprint and set of tools to our clients that allows them to achieve business results that they could not produce on their own. And, even if they could achieve those results on their own, we accelerate their success. Beyond coaching clients through creating their strategic vision and execution plan (and then putting it up on the shelf to collect dust), our coaches provide the accountability and support they need to execute on that vision and plan.

Optimizing our clients’ People, Purpose, Playbooks, Performance, and Profits, our coaches use their real-world experience leading businesses to bring an outside perspective to our clients, elevating individuals and teams to become the leaders they were meant to be.


The key to scaling sustainably is to build a team that can keep your business running like a well-oiled machine from the business owner to every individual employee. We’ll help you make it happen.


Examine why the work you’re doing really matters to you & develop a clear vision for what you really want out of your business and what a successful business means to you.


No more guesswork! Get a new business action plan full of robust processes, 1:1 strategic support, plus a clear set of rules, metrics, and more you’ll follow to reach new heights.


How will you measure your success? We’ll develop clear benchmarks you can use to assess how your business is growing and make adjustments as needed.


Through our work, you’ll unlock new realms of profitability by actually doing LESS of the hard work in your business.

“Exit Momentum and the staff, namely Jason Ambeau, are a wonderful team that offer an abundance of support and guidance, certainly with more to offer. The team does well to pull the absolute most out of every interaction to first elevate you and help create proper structure overall going forward. If you seek to better your business from the leadership level and throughout your organization, I certainly recommend Exit Momentum!”

– Carson Miller

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