Separating the Incompetent from the Indispensable: How to Vet a Business Coach BEFORE Handing Over Your Hard-Earned Cash

As the world of business coaching becomes increasingly more saturated, it’s tougher than ever for business owners to easily sus out which coaches are equipped to create real results—and which “coaches” just know how to talk the talk.

Sure, you can get on a call with a coach. You can enjoy speaking with them, appreciate their ideas for your business, maybe even get their feedback on a few of your key questions… but ultimately, it can be tough to know whether a business coach has the right set of skills and knowledge to guide you until you’ve already signed on that dotted line and brought them into your ecosystem.

At Exit Momentum, we believe in the power of third-party coaching and invest in it for ourselves and our business. (Side note, does your coach do that? …Probably not.)

More than anything, we want to see ambitious, impact-driven business owners paired up with guides who can help them accelerate their progress, drive profits, and build the business of their dreams. We’re passionate about redefining the coaching experience, creating Proven Processes rooted in tactical strategy, and setting a new standard for excellence in the world of coaching.

Maybe we’re the right business coaches for you. Or maybe you’d feel more aligned with someone else. Either way, we want to arm you with the questions and perspectives you need to discern whether a coach you’re considering hiring can deliver on all their big promises.

THE BASICS: How Can You Tell Whether a Coach Is Capable or Crap?

While painting any coach with the broad brush of ‘capable’ or ‘crap’ isn’t entirely effective, there are some qualifications and red flags you should look for when speaking with a prospective new coach.

In general, you want to look for a coach who has:

  • Relevant Experience: The best coaches have been where you are and bring a wealth of real-world, boots-on-the-ground experience to the table. This is why we ONLY bring coaches onto our team who have built their own successful businesses. You need advice from someone who knows what it’s like to get in the ring, take a few hits, and come out swinging. (Curious about our EXM coaches’ backgrounds? You can learn more about our whole team and their qualifications right here.)
  • Tangible Track Record: The coach should be able to direct you to specific examples where they’ve helped similar clients solve similar issues. Ask to see case studies or testimonials, and don’t be afraid to dig into the process of HOW they helped these clients achieve these results. (Most reputable coaches will be not only willing but eager to share their clients’ results. In fact, we’ve dedicated a whole page on our website to celebrating our clients and have over 70 videos from them on it!)
  • Proven Process: Your coach should never be ‘winging it.’ To predictably deliver results, they need to have a predictable, repeatable, tried-and-tested process that they guide all clients through. A solid Proven Process includes a clear strategy and a step-by-step breakdown of exactly how they’ll help you reach your goals—like this.
  • Agility & Customization: That said—and this is critical—the coach’s process cannot be so rigid and inflexible that they cannot adjust as needed for your specific circumstances. This is an extremely common issue with some of the most well-known coaching protocols.
  • Aligned Momentum: You’ve probably heard the expression, “What’s your why?” At EXM, we want our clients to not only know why they’re in their business—but what MOMENTUM is propelling them forward. What values drive your behaviors and actions as a company? What are the differentiated activities that set you apart from others in your industry? With a rich breadth of business experience, some of our driving forces include hands-on practical guidance (not book theory), getting our clients to previously unattainable results, building genuine connections with our clients and their teams that support them as people as well as the business, which all leads to us delivering on our brand promises.

Remember: In a world where basically anyone can call themselves a “coach,” it’s essential to distinguish between those who have a great sales pitch versus those who are equipped to guide you through tough conversations, big moves, and big wins in your business.

Questions about how exactly Exit Momentum helps businesses transform from chaotic, unruly, and unpredictable—to running like well-oiled machines?

Book a call with us today to learn more about our Proven Process and how it can transform your company from the inside out. We’re open books, and we can’t wait to explain exactly how we’ll help you create the profit, impact, and peace of mind you’ve been searching for.

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