I Help entrepreneurs & Their Leadership Teams Get what they want from and for their businesses by Using results Proven Systems.
If Any Of These Statements Below Are True, Let's Talk.
  •  “I have a clear sense of where we need to go as a company, but have no time to focus on it because I am constantly interrupted.”
  •  “In meetings, we keep talking about the same problems and projects. We need clear and concise updates linked to a method to solve issues at the root with assigned action items that are tracked.
  •   “I have no strategy for how I use and develop my staff, the truth is I just throw bodies at the business, including my own."
  •  “We run this place on coffee and Grind it Out hustle, which got us "here", but clearly is not getting us “there”.“
  •  I have someone in my company that doesn't seem to fit, but have been unwilling to take on figuring out how to address it.”
  •  “The company reporting I receive doesn't reduce my stress it adds to it because it is not concise or complete and sometimes is conflicting.”
  •  “I have no way to measure if my staff is working at 50%, or 95% of their capacity.”
  • "We have the leadership team to take on the strategies that would impact our client experience, employee retention, and corporate value, but spend so little time focusing on it.”
  • “Our meetings take up too much time and are often ineffective.”
  •  “I want to be able to remove myself from the day to day or even sell at some point, but am unclear on the steps to improve my business valuation which affects my next chapter of life substantially.”
What Is Exit Momentum? 

Exit Momentum Is A Process For Building Momentum To Exit Where You Are, To Get Where You Want To Go, At The Speed You Are Committed To...

Exit Momentum leverages 3 Distinct Systems depending on the Need of each Client.  These Systems are Results Based and tested with 1000s of Clients across Industries, Size, & Geography.

Watch This Case Study Video for More insight into working with Cullen 
Garrett J. White
Founder & CEO 
Success Stories
Case Study #2
Doug McGhee, Founder
Case Study #3
James Cummins, CEO
Elite Training & Nutrition
I help Businesses breakout of cycles that limit growth.
Using proven systems, I work directly with owners, investors, and executive teams to identify their business targets and issues clearly.  We then set a metric based plan for tracking them, followed by a practical way to measure the progress each week, month, and quarter.

If you're interested in:

Moving beyond the same ceiling of revenue and profit.

Reducing your time reacting to fires that interrupt strategic execution.

Knowing with certainty your Vision is being translated first into a Strategy and then Execution

Then book time with me for an initial discussion for each of us to assess if we are fit to work together.  The call will be valuable either way so book a time for us to speak.

Success Stories
Case Study #4
I have built my real estate brokerage business based on instinct, hard work, and obsessing over the details. When I brought Cullen in we were doing well and had enjoyed a lot of success for years and yet I found myself in a couple of situations where I needed guidance. I was so close to each of them I could see options but was struggling to pull the trigger and feel confident in a direction. That is unlike me, and yet there I was, so I needed someone with enough resolve to push me and an intellect I respected based on proven success. Cullen had both, and we went to work. 
Within weeks, I was moving past the symptoms and getting down to root cause issues at which point solutions became apparent. I always knew that if I wavered I’d have Cullen’s support in whatever form was required to keep my organization moving.  
He is a Consultant with an Investor’s mindset which is unique. Looking back I’m proud of the decisions I made and appreciate Cullen’s guidance and support for me and the team.
Blake Sloan
Founder & President
Sloan Realty Group

Case Study #5
As a Cosmetic Dentist with a thriving multi million dollar practice to manage, Industry Lecturer with engagements to assess, and Investor in tech companies I was in desperate need of Focus when I met Cullen.
My businesses were already successful but were overlapping and I couldn’t quite determine what to let go of and where to put my time and energy. I wanted to do all of it, and yet under the existing model I had hit max capacity. In working with Cullen I was able to simplify my plan, make some hard decisions, and focus on my unique ability.
It is common to find people capable of fixing problems or messes but what is uncommon and invaluable is having a resource that can help you grow when things are going quite well.
Cullen was that resource for me and my businesses.

Todd Snyder, CEO
Aesthetic Dental Designs

Case Study #6
I am John Allgeier the CEO of Southern Vintage we produce and manufacture reclaimed products as well as traditional milled products for flooring, Timbers and wall cladding for commercial and residential use across the United States and Canada. Starting this last year Mr Talley has awoken a purpose inside of my business as well as myself that was simply not possible for me to see without his guidance. Since this time our company has enjoyed tremendous growth especially on our distributorship side as well Commercial. As well as adding processes and the ability to search and lower overhead to improve our bottom line to increase profits. Cullen Talley comes highly recommended and referred as a man with tremendous integrity and ability to communicate Effectively to achieve your desired outcome with a Tenacious work effort.  

John Allgeier, CEO
Southern Vintage