Getting Back In Touch With Your Vision, Imagination, & Curiosity

Let’s take a walk down memory lane. Think back to the day you first sparked your idea for your business.

  • Maybe you were in the shower when that lightbulb went off… and you immediately knew the rest of your life had just changed.
  • Maybe you could hardly contain your excitement as you explained the idea to your spouse. Your hands were shaking, your brain was buzzing, and you fell in love all over again when they said those magic words: “I believe in you. Let’s do it.”
  • Maybe you sat up until the wee hours of the morning in a brainstorming frenzy, mapping out page after page of offer ideas, marketing concepts, and to-dos that you were actually EXCITED to do.

Close your eyes. What do you see? How does it feel? What was going through your mind?

Chances are, you were inspired. You had a vision—an impact you wanted to make, a lifestyle you wanted to achieve, a legacy you wanted to leave. You were on fire to build something bigger than yourself. You were willing to put in the work because your dream meant that much to you.

Now, think about how it’s felt to go to work lately. Think about the goals and ambitions you have for this season of business. How do these feelings align with that magical memory of starting your company?

If they’re out of sync—now is a good time to tap back into your original sense of vision, imagination, and curiosity.

You Are the Leader of Your Business

Your work ethic is through the roof, and you want to see this company succeed. More often than not, this desire for progress and go-getter attitude leads business owners to get bogged down in the day-to-day happenings of the workplace.

You’re so busy putting out fires that you’ve lost sight of where you’re headed. And your sense of clarity and direction has suffered for that.

As the leader of your business, it’s your job to be Chief Visionary. You have to get back in touch with your innate sense of wonder and possibility if you want to:

  • Unlock that ultimate vision you had in mind when you first set out on this adventure.
  • Renew your sense of excitement and intention, and fall back in love with your business.
  • Light a fire within your team and inspire your people to feel more invested in the vision and growth of your organization.


Get Unstuck & Spark Inspiration

If you’re ready to get your vision back on track, it starts with carving out an intentional, specific time to check in with yourself about what you desire now in this next phase of your business. Do you still want what you wanted before? Has your vision shifted? What lights you up and makes you want to keep going?

Take a step back from the day-to-day operations of your business and give yourself some time—even just one afternoon—to dream the way you used to. Get out of your office, go somewhere your mind feels clear, bring a journal or laptop to take notes, and see what pops up. You might be shocked to see what revelations come up when you aren’t underwater working in your business.

(NOTE: Did you just say to yourself, “Ah yes, I should really do that one day soon”? Here’s your first assignment. Put this time on your calendar, stat. Block yourself from booking any work during that time, and no matter what, keep this appointment with yourself. Treat it like a meeting with your most important client—because this is *even more* important than that.)

Turn Your Inspiration Into Action

Want to take your stroke of inspiration to the next level? If you’re ready to work with a business coach to create next-level results in a fraction of the time, we’re here to help.

At Exit Momentum, we have a specific process we take our clients through to help you remember and reconnect with your vision for your company—so we can ensure that the business you’re building will bring you the level of satisfaction and success you’ve been craving.

Book a complimentary call today and let’s talk about what it would take to finally turn your vision into your reality.

From Unfocused Vision—to Innovative Action

“I was running at 120 mph, afraid to take vacations, afraid to get sick—because you are the company… We didn’t have a strong Integrator on our team… We wasted a lot of time, and there was a lot of ‘fire fighting.’ There were no projections or thoughts of the future… There was no clear operating system.

After working with Exit Momentum, we were organized enough to identify hires… We stopped bootstrapping and implemented a system that helps us plan, run better meetings, and focus on predictability.

Having accountability from Exit Momentum’s team has been the biggest thing. They gave us a filter for our vision & the structure we needed to turn our chaos into innovation and productivity.”

Kailyn White
Promethean Marketing

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