Exit Momentum vs. EOSⓇ: What’s the Difference, and Which Is Right For Your Business?

A piece of official business before we dig in—this article is not officially affiliated with EOS in any way, nor is it intended to provide definitive information about the EOS process. The comparison below is strictly a matter of personal opinion and analysis. Readers are encouraged to do their own research and form their own opinions before committing to one business coaching process over another. For more information, please visit our EXM process page here + learn more about the EOS process here.

You’re on the brink of burnout. Your sites are set on scaling. You’re yearning for smarter systems, a more independent team, and stronger leadership in your organization. One thing’s certain—it’s time to bring in a business coach.
But what approach to business coaching is right for your organization?
In a sea of big-name operating systems and “marketing gurus”, you need your business coach to be a true partner who knows your business inside and out—and who has the proven track record to get the results you want, as quickly as possible.
Like most business owners in your shoes, you probably started your search with a Google deep-dive. And like many, you probably happened upon one of the most well-known business operating systems available today—EOS (the Entrepreneurial Operating System). Now, you’re at a crossroads. EOS sounds good on paper… but you’re wondering:
>> Is EOS actually a good fit for my organization?

>> Can an EOS Implementer provide the level of hands-on support my team really needs to get on track?

>> Are there even other options out there, or is EOS *the* top approach for scaling business owners these days?

As a former EOS client who:
  • Hired an Implementer for his own business
  • Completed a multi-year Certification process to become an EOS Implementer
  • Ran 125 client sessions as an EOS Implementer
…Our CEO Cullen Talley has a unique pulse on what EOS really can—and can’t—offer an ambitious business owner who’s ready to hit their next-level team building, leadership, and revenue goals. Having worked inside EOS and used their system in his own businesses and with clients, Cullen realized that EOS provided an amazing starting point… but often started to exhibit cracks a year or two after initial implementation: namely, leadership development, management of multi-level organizations, financial rigor and tools, and in-depth brand and technical strategy. These “cracks” were what ultimately inspired Cullen to leave EOS and create our proprietary Exit Momentum business growth framework.

The EXM system was created, in part, to provide a more sustainable, scalable solution for business owners with big goals. In this article, we’ll explore the EOS process vs the EXM process, deep-dive into what makes EXM unique, and share a few of the differentiating factors to consider when deciding which program is best for your business.

What Do EOSⓇ and EXM have in common?


At the core of both the EOS and EXM models is an emphasis on process. Both methods rely on a proven set of steps that business owners can take to achieve predictable success. EOS is focused on a 6-step wheel (including vision, data, process, traction, issues, and people), while EXM is built on 5 core pillars (people, purpose, playbook, performance, and profit).

Both EOS and EXM are anchored in some of the most tried, tested, and trusted tools and philosophies in the business world today, including:



Like many business coaching programs, both EOS and EXM emphasize the business owner’s vision as a cornerstone of the process. Both models recognize that a well-defined vision, when coupled with a set of achievable goals and objectives, helps to create a tangible roadmap for the company, its employees, and its customers. It also gives everyone in the organization an idea of where they are headed and what they need to do to get there.
Both EOSⓇ and EXM place emphasis on the human component of running a successful business. Both approaches accentuate that building strong, trusting relationships between employees is essential for creating high-performing teams that can work together to grow the business.
EOSⓇ and EXM both emphasize the importance of data-driven decision-making, especially when analyzing a business’ performance. EOSⓇ and EXM business coaches
implement measurements that allow them to identify trends in their business.
EOSⓇ and EXM both have proven systems in place to help business owners increase their traction and build momentum. With both approaches, business owners will be encouraged to bring more accountability and discipline to their day-to-day operations. Both companies prioritize execution and encourage business owners to ground their company vision in tangible, actionable steps.

How do EOSⓇ and EXM differ?

Depth of Strategy
While both EOS and EXM are built around proven processes, EOS focuses more on creating a vision—and then breaking that vision down into a plan. It can be a solid starting point for business owners who are new to strategic planning. However, many more experienced or high-ambition business owners may find that the strategies offered by EOS are somewhat surface-level.

This is in no small part due to the fact that there’s a wide breadth of experience levels and areas of expertise within the EOS Implementer community (more on this further down). Simply put, some Implementers will be excellently equipped to provide next-level strategy—while others will only be comfortable working within the confines of EOS basics.

At Exit Momentum, there’s a greater emphasis on strategy, financial discipline, and leadership at a higher level. We understand that a goal without a plan is just a wish—and a plan without a strategy is just busy work.

With Exit Momentum, you’ll focus on what makes your business unique, how to strategically position yourself within your market, get clear on your one-sentence strategy, and lean into your unique differentiator. We’ll work together to incrementally separate you from your business and drive your gross profit, net profit, and overall company valuation.

Personalization of Process
EOS is at its core a fixed system. This means it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of customization and personalization. EOSⓇ tends to be very rigid in its rules for how you can apply their frameworks to your business.

The method is well-tested and appropriate for many types of businesses. However, at the end of the day, EOS is a fixed track vehicle with very limited leeway like the cars at Disney World’s Tomorrowland Speedway. And if their ‘track’ isn’t the fix your business really needs, business owners may find themselves still feeling overwhelmed or lacking results months into the implementation process—or worse, trapped two years down the road with no additional tools or methods to implement for scaling their business.

At Exit Momentum, our foundational principles & frameworks can remain solid while still customizing the entire coaching experience for you and your team. We understand that every business is unique—so we intentionally build our methodology with enough flexibility to meet you where you are.

From the very beginning of our work together, we structure the pace of your project around your business goals and needs. We work with you to figure out how many and what types of meetings are needed for your team—from daily standups to weekly tactical meetings, to monthly financial closeouts and rock reviews, to company rollout events, departmental meetings, 1:1 coaching sessions, performance improvement meetings, and beyond.

From the pace of our work together to the way you run your meetings, every element of our work together can be adjusted based on what works best for you.

For example, if you have a long-term goal of focusing on leadership—but your business is currently bleeding money—we’re not interested in putting you through leadership training right off the bat just for the sake of “following the process.” We understand that a bankrupt business full of excellent leaders doesn’t do anyone any good… so we prioritize stopping the bleed, cutting the chaos, and fixing what’s in need or urgent repair first. Then, we zoom out and start moving you towards your long-term goals—often in a fraction of the time compared to other business coaching programs.

Scalability & Agility

Exit Momentum also provides scalability not easily found with EOSⓇ, allowing businesses to expand as their needs increase. With the ability to customize and scale up quickly, EOSⓇ can’t match the level of efficiency that EXM offers.

In a nutshell, Exit Momentum’s coaching philosophy provides business owners with greater freedom and control over their operations from implementation through execution and beyond.

Thanks to specific tools designed for scaling companies efficiently and effectively, business owners can achieve their long-term objectives in an organized manner without having to worry about missteps or a lack of resources due to EOSⓇ’ fixed & rigid structure.

Team-Building & Leadership Development

EOSⓇ tends to focus on hiring and team-building from a high-level perspective. Their model prioritizes seeking out the right team members based on the business owner’s vision for the company—however, they only provide very basic resources to facilitate the process of scouring the job market, hiring, and onboarding with success.

EXM, on the other hand, provides resources on every part of the hiring process—from finding and recruiting the right people based on your vision for your team, to intentional onboarding, to team-building, communication, decision-making, and accountability. EXM boasts a suite of customizable tools business owners can leverage depending on:

  • Stage of the business.
  • Levels of competency within the team.
  • Specific issues that need to be addressed within the team.

EXM also focuses on helping leaders become true coaches for their team, so you can not only find the right people—but bring out the best in those people. Whereas EOS teaches a one-size-fits-all approach, we approach building the right team like professional sports franchises do with elite level athletes.

We recognize that every position requires the right player, every player has their own purpose, and its the coach’s responsibility to arrange these moving pieces in a way that best aligns with the company’s needs. We help you see exactly how to do that, so you can build and customize your own “winning team.”

Implementation of Metrics

While EOS and EXM are both rooted in data-driven principles, EXM separates itself with our level with an ongoing refinement in this area. We understand that collecting data is step one, and that getting highly strategic about implementing that data is an essential component in a business’ ability to:

  • Make accurate, reliable projections.
  • Respond to challenges with ease and agility.
  • Drive net profits year after year.
  • Monitor & control cash flow.
  • Consistently improve company valuation.


Evolution & Relevancy to Current Market

EOSⓇ can be very dogmatic in nature. Every plan is scrutinized to check if they are “pure EOSⓇ,” discouraging any deviation from the original frameworks laid out in EOSⓇ circa the early 2000s. A lot has changed in the world since then… but EOS has remained largely the same.

At Exit Momentum, we understand that building a successful business means evolving to match the needs of the market and your customers. We know you don’t want a system or a purity test. You want results. Getting you those results is our #1 priority—so much so that our first core value is “Maniacally Obsess Over Results.”

We believe that in real life, there are very few perfect, immovable systems, and that operating systems need upgrades. Can you imagine if Microsoft, Apple, or Google stuck with v1 of their OS? Whether we’re pivoting based on world events or based on your business goals, we’re constantly learning, developing, testing, and evolving our tools based on what’s working *today.*

Qualifications of Business Coaches

Of all the differences between EOS and Exit Momentum, perhaps the most profound and the most directly impactful on your business coaching experience is the difference in what you can expect from your personal business coach.

There are many extremely talented EOS Implementers out there who have in-depth entrepreneurial experience and a solid grasp on what it really takes to run and scale a successful company. Unfortunately—it’s relatively simple to become an EOS Implementer. This means many EOS coaches are out there working from a place of limited knowledge and niche experience.

At Exit Momentum, we are ruthless about determining who gets to call themselves an EXM business coach. Our team is limited exclusively to:

  • Coaches who have built and run successful businesses in a variety of industries. All of our coaches are serial entrepreneurs who’ve managed millions in revenue, worked with teams of all sizes, and have first-hand experience with what it’s like to be wear the business owner hat.
  • Coaches who have been hand-selected and personally trained by our CEO, Cullen Talley. We don’t hand people a manual and let them go. Our coaches aren’t approved to work with our clients until they’ve proven that they have the chops to get results up to the EXM standard.

As an EXM client, you can rest assured that your mentor is a master of entrepreneurship, a tried-and-tested business leader, and a thought partner who will help you think critically about what’s needed to get your business to the next level.

When choosing between Exit Momentum’s coaching service and EOSⓇ, a business owner should consider the following factors:
Goals and objectives
What are the specific goals and objectives of the business, and which coaching service aligns better with those goals?
How does each coaching service approach problem-solving and goal-achievement? Exit Momentum assesses your current scenario, confirms your targets, defines your custom & curated plan based on proven strategies, and makes recommendations to help you implement every step of the way. EXM also aims to help the business owner exit the chaos, turbulence, and confusion they’re currently experiencing and build momentum to scale the business with speed, precision, support, and clarity.
Coaching experience
The experience and track record of the coach or the organization offering the service is critical. As a business owner, you should look at the individual coach’s qualifications, experience, and testimonials to evaluate whether they have the expertise and a proven track record of helping businesses like theirs to achieve results.
As your business grows, your systems should be able to adapt and provide an efficient way of managing the expanded operations. For entrepreneurs who want to scale quickly and see major revenue and team growth, Exit Momentum provides scalability options.

Exit Momentum requires an investment of time and resources to implement. Business owners should consider if they have the necessary resources to commit to the coaching process, including the time and budget.

Exit Momentum is compatible with the software, and your coaching package comes complete with full software setup, training, and integration into your business. Our goal is to make getting started and staying on track as simple as possible. You don’t need to become a Ninety expert, we have that handled.


Exit Momentum provides a system of tools, processes, and methodologies, but the compatibility and suitability of each system to your business should be evaluated. A business owner should ensure that the system aligns with their team, business values,strategy, and goals.

Reflection of business culture
Exit Momentum may introduce different approaches and methodologies that influence the business culture. As such, business owners should evaluate if the system they are choosing will enhance or change the culture of their organization.
Size of the Business
Exit Momentum is built to serve businesses at a variety of levels,. Due to our high-touch business coaching model, personalization options, and emphasis on leadership development, EXM may be a better fit for mid-size and higher businesses—or for small businesses who want to grow to mid-size quickly. Business owners should consider their company’s size and stage of development when choosing the right business coach and operating system.
It’s essential to evaluate how much time the business owner is willing to invest in the system they are choosing. Exit Momentum is a comprehensive system that take time and effort to implement fully. However, we are focused on how to get as much work done in session as possible. This means that our work requires little prep or post homework, and between sessions, you can simply focus on running the business. Exit Momentum believes business owners and leaders don’t need more to do; they need a better and more efficient way to do what they are doing.
Long-term plans
The business owner should consider the long-term plan for the business and evaluate if the system they choose will help them achieve those plans. Exit has a strong focus on financial health, cashflow, and corporate valuation leveraging the tools and systems deployed, and requires specific experience in these areas for any coach.

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