Developing and Clarifying A Winning Proven Process

“We’re struggling to connect with prospects, specifically when it comes to helping them see how we’ll deliver our service to them. They just can’t see it. Then, on top of that, everyone in our business explains our process differently—there’s no consistency. We’re confusing customers AND our teams, losing opportunities and efficiency.”

I’ve heard this more times than I’d like to admit.

With my background as a former Certified EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System) Implementer, helping clients develop their Proven Process was always a topic we focused on.

Now, after launching Exit Momentum, developing an externally facing Proven Process with our clients continues to be a foundational component of helping the businesses we work with tell their stories to prospects and clients.

However, in all my years of helping business owners develop their Proven Process, what I’ve learned is—the ability to break down your high-level impact into a clear, repeatable, documented process that your clients can appreciate and understand doesn’t often come naturally to entrepreneurial types.

As the leader of your company, you know the impact your work provides for your clients or customers. In this article, we’ll explore what makes a successful Proven Process, look at some Proven Process examples, and talk about how you can implement your process into your marketing strategy.

Plus, you’ll get a step-by-step system to start planning out your Proven Process and, by association, improving your client journey—so you can connect with your prospects more easily and clearly articulate the value your business provides.

First Things First—What Is a Proven Process?

Simply put, your business’s Proven Process is a visual representation of how you deliver your products/services to clients. Instead of leaning on a spreadsheet or Gantt chart to explain how you deliver what you deliver, a graphic-based version of your Proven Process provides a step-by-step narrative that everyone who works with your brand can quickly understand and follow.

Anchored in strong internal processes, your Proven Process is an external illustration of exactly how you do what you do. This client-facing tool outlines exactly how you deliver the results you promise, instilling massive clarity, confidence, and trust in prospects and clients.

Here’s a Proven Process example that we use at Exit Momentum:


Diagram showing the Exit Momentum Process


Imagine sitting in a meeting with a prospect and drawing out your process for them on a piece of paper with steps and arrows and pathways.

Now, take it one step further and send that drawing to your graphic designer and have them simplify your drawing, graphically adding a level of polish to the story you’re telling.

That’s your Proven Process.

Why Does Having a Proven Process Matter?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Your Proven Process illustration tells a visual story. When it comes to communicating your business/organization’s Proven Process, backing it up with a simple visual is an easy way to create an instant understanding of the start-to-finish, step-by-step activities that are the core of your business.

As you can see by the Proven Process example above, using visuals is an easy way to clarify the way you work and set expectations. It also makes it easy for a prospective client or customer to see at a glance exactly how your work will provide the solution they’ve been searching for. For this reason, your Proven Process touches nearly every aspect of your business:

Your Proven Process Simplifies Your Marketing Strategy

Does your creative team, copywriter, or social media manager ever struggle to communicate exactly what your organization does? Having a documented and graphically designed Proven Process takes the stress out of painting a picture of how you serve your people. When your team can clearly articulate the precise impact your business makes, creating content, sales copy, and an overall marketing plan becomes a piece of cake.

Your Proven Process Builds Confidence in Sales Prospects

As your sales team is pitching to new prospects, your Proven Process becomes a tool they can use to showcase the way you deliver your products/services. Seeing your Proven Process in a graphic form creates instant confidence in your ability to do what you say and deliver what you promise.

Your Proven Process Provides a Workflow for Teams to Follow

For your internal teams, your Proven Process serves as a visual playbook that all of your staff can follow as they deliver the product/service you provide. It can guide your approach to roles and responsibilities and allows everyone on your team to visibly see exactly where they fit into the process.

Your Proven Process Eliminates Guesswork

Have you ever hired a contractor, gotten mid-way through the project, and found yourself wondering where you were in your process? Providing clients—especially new clients—with a Proven Process helps them easily understand the inner workings of the product or service you provide. Just like driving with a breakdown leaves you feeling confident that you’ll eventually reach your destination, having this workflow helps your clients understand how every step they take with you is moving them closer to their ideal outcome.

How to Start Mapping Out Your Step-By-Step Proven Process

Building a Foundation For Your Proven Process

At Exit Momentum, we understand that running a streamlined business means having a process for everything—there’s even a process for creating your process! The system we walk our clients through begins by asking a few simple-yet-vital questions:

  1. Where does our process start?
  2. What activities happen in the middle?
  3. When/how do we deliver our product or service?
  4. Who is active at each stage?
  5. Is there an end to our process, or does it continue on?

The answers to these questions set the foundation for developing your own Proven Process. With your responses in hand, you can start to map out how you deliver your products/services with more clarity and ease.

Expanding On Your Proven Process

Once you’ve set the groundwork for your proven process, it’s time to delve deeper and expand your ideas into a full framework. Your exact approach here might vary based on your answers to the above getting-started questions. However, some further actions to consider taking include:

  • Breaking Down Each Phase Into Microsteps > Get clear on exactly what steps need to happen at each stage of your process. While you don’t necessarily need to communicate all these nitty gritty details to your prospective clients, having the process broken down into granular steps will be helpful for your team to understand all the moving pieces.
  • Incorporating Feedback > If possible, reach out to past clients, stakeholders, and key employees to gain insights into your Proven Process from multiple perspectives. Where do people feel like you excel? Are there any areas clients or team members feel are confusing, unclear, or messy?
  • Anticipating the Need For Agility > In some businesses, there will inevitably be a need to remain somewhat flexible. What stages in your process are 100% fixed? What stages require a little bit of space for variability? If relevant, you may want to plan a few alternate pathways to accommodate the most common scenarios you see in your business, while still maintaining overall consistency and staying within the confines of your process.
  • Leveraging Industry Best Practices > Your Proven Process will be most effective if it is customized to your business. That being said, are there established best practices in your industry that you can use as a benchmark? Are there opportunities to take what competitors are doing and optimize it for effectiveness or efficiency?
  • Fostering Collaboration > Encouraging your team to participate in the development of your Proven Process can help create a company culture of innovation, collaboration, and creativity. Enrolling key players in the conversation will ensure that your team not only understands the process but takes ownership of the process—which means they’re more likely to understand the value of sticking to it over time.

Clarifying & Refining Your Proven Process

Once you have all the raw material out on the table, it’s time to start refining and simplifying your Proven Process into a system your prospective clients will easily connect to and see the value in. These steps will help ensure your Proven Process is not only thorough, intentional, and effective—but crystal clear to both your team and your audience:

  • Simplify Complex Ideas > If there are complex concepts or extremely involved procedures, break these down into simple, easy, communicable ideas. This is where creating a graphic illustration comes in handy. Resist the temptation to overexplain. Get straight to the heart of what really matters for each phase of your process.
  • Nix Jargon & Standardize Terminology > Your clients probably don’t toss around the same words and phrases you use every day. Swap clunky industry language for layman’s terminology. Keep it simple, compelling, and clear. Define key concepts or terms that relate specifically to your work, and make sure your language stays cohesive from step to step when describing each stage of your system.
  • Provide Context Where Necessary > While we never want to over-explain or ‘confuse and lose,’ it may be necessary to provide the rationale behind certain steps in the process. Add context to your Proven Process where needed to help prospects connect the dots and understand how each step leads into the next—and how the full process will set them up with the solution they’re looking for.

Implementing Your Proven Process

Congrats! You’ve done the hard work of laying out your Proven Process. Now, it’s time to turn your thoughts into actions and implement them. Depending on how closely your new Proven Process reflects the way your business has *actually* been running, integrating this new system might be a walk in the park—or, more likely, it may require some careful planning, coordination, and a commitment from your team members to honor this updated way of working.

Again, the implementation process will look different for every business—because you’re working with your own set of resources, unique team members, and a unique Proven Process. However, these are the high-level steps you’ll want to consider in your implementation plan:

  • Establish clear roles and responsibilities internally, so everyone understands not only WHAT needs to happen—but WHO is responsible for owning each step in the process once you make the sale. While your Proven Process is an externally-facing asset, having a clear understandig of how to execute this process INTERNALLY is key to its success.
  • Weave your Proven Process into your marketing and sales plans, so you can see how your illustration works in the real world. Does it seem to resonate with people? Do your prospects easily ‘get it’ when you share with them in sales conversations?
  • Monitor progress and feedback. Establish Key Performance Indicators to monitor the efficacy of your process. Request regular feedback from clients and use this feedback to further improve your client/customer journey and key in on the language and benefits that matter most to your people.

Developing and clarifying a winning proven process is not a one-time endeavor, but an ongoing journey of continuous improvement and refinement.

By following the steps outlined in this article, business owners can create, clarify, and implement a Proven Process that drives clarity, confidence, and sales. Nailing your Proven Process requires an investment of time and energy upfront, but the benefits of perfecting your process will bleed over into every aspect of growing and marketing your business.

Need Help Crafting a Powerful Proven Process?

For business leaders who are serious about optimizing their Proven Processes so they can connect with prospects more effectively, working with a business coach who can provide an external perspective and fresh strategy can be an essential, much-needed next step.

Curious how Exit Momentum’s Proven Process could transform your culture, accelerate your business growth, streamline your processes, and help you achieve the scalable, sustainable success you’ve been craving?

Check out Coaching Process Page for more insight into the Exit Momentum Proven Process, and how we’ve helped hundreds of business owners transform their organizations.

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