Cullen Talley

Cullen Talley
Founder & Head Coach

Trainer, Speaker, Early Stage Investor
Leader in $220M exit returning 11x to investors
15x Ironman race finisher (sub 10 Ironman)

Get to Know Cullen

Hi, I’m Cullen Talley, the founder & visionary behind Exit Momentum.

Helping businesses experience massive growth with ease, clarity, and direction is an integral part of who I am & the work I feel I’ve been put on this earth to do.

I know where you are. The chaos, the overwhelm, the hunger for more, the fear that you’ll never reach your full potential—or that when you do, you’ll have sacrificed too much in the process.

Between growing my own companies and supporting our clients here at Exit Momentum, I’ve been in your shoes thousands of times before.

If you’re ready to stop growing your business from a place of reactivity, chaos, & burnout—and get high-level accountability, clarity, and strategy, you’re in the right place. We’ve helped our clients:

  • Build powerful teams that support long-term business growth, even when the owners want to step away for family time or a vacation.
  • Develop a strong leadership infrastructure, full of perfect-fit people who take ownership of their role in the company, so you can stop stressing about daily activities and get back to loving your role as the visionary of the business.
  • Build a trustworthy team of employees who care about their work and stick around for the long haul—because YOU know how to lead effectively and enroll people in your vision.
  • Exponentially increase their revenue and profit, in a way that feels simple, streamlined, and clear for everyone involved.
  • Turn unruly growth into exponential potential, so they could stop capping their own progress & shift to a business growth strategy that allows for maximum scalability with sustainability.

If you’re ready for your next level of success, we can help you do the same.

The first step? Getting on a call so we can both assess whether we’re the right people to support you in reaching your goals and building a successful business.

Looking forward to speaking with you soon,

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  • Married to Lauren, his “secret weapon”, for 23 years.
  • Engaged and Incredibly Proud Father to Sami, Marki, and Riley Reed, as well as “youthful” Grandfather to Maggie Louise. 🙂
  • Endurance athlete for several decades with a focus on the Ironman triathlon.
  • Trained 100s of businesses on the Exit Momentum method since 2019.
  • Helped multiple clients exit for industry leading multiples or raise outside capital from investors with freedom for their lives post deal close.

As a coaching firm, Exit Momentum brings a proven blueprint and set of tools to our clients that allows them to achieve business results that they could not produce on their own. And, even if they could achieve those results on their own, we accelerate their success. Beyond coaching clients through creating their strategic vision and execution plan (and then putting it up on the shelf to collect dust), our coaches provide the accountability and support they need to execute on that vision and plan.

Optimizing our clients’ People, Purpose, Playbooks, Performance, and Profits, our coaches use their real-world experience leading businesses to bring an outside perspective to our clients, elevating individuals and teams to become the leaders they were meant to be.


The key to scaling sustainably is to build a team that can keep your business running like a well-oiled machine from the business owner to every individual employee. We’ll help you make it happen.


Examine why the work you’re doing really matters to you & develop a clear vision for what you really want out of your business and what a successful business means to you.


No more guesswork! Get a new business action plan full of robust processes, 1:1 strategic support, plus a clear set of rules, metrics, and more you’ll follow to reach new heights.


How will you measure your success? We’ll develop clear benchmarks you can use to assess how your business is growing and make adjustments as needed.


Through our work, you’ll unlock new realms of profitability by actually doing LESS of the hard work in your business.

“I have served on three different leadership teams for three different businesses (Avco Roofing Residential, Avco Roofing Commercial, and The Catch-All). Cullen began working with us in April of 2022 implementing each of those businesses. Cullen is a straight shooter, a challenger, an experienced business leader, with high EQ, and is relentless about results. Bringing him on as Implementer has brought tremendous value for all three businesses, and I would definitely recommend working with Cullen. We have seen catalyzation of business growth, professional development, communication, strength of process, and accountability rise in every area.”

– Marianna Conner

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