Craig Sweeney

Craig Sweeney
Certified Business Coach

Owner of a Technical Recruiting Firm
Co-Founder Louisiana Marathon
Experience in Leadership Team Development and Business Planning

Get to Know Craig

Craig’s early life was steeped in entrepreneurship, inheriting a spirit of innovation that would shape his future. During his years at LSU, he took a bold step, dedicating four consecutive summers to selling books door-to-door, amassing over 80 hours a week, and earning a place in the top 1% among global college students.

With this as his launchpad, Craig transitioned into the family recruiting business, where he cultivated a profound appreciation for human capital. The firm evolved from a labor/clerical focus to comprehensive searches, handling roles in accounting, technology, and executive positions. Recognition came in the form of the Franchise of the Year award within the esteemed Talent Tree Franchise group.

Craig’s entrepreneurial journey led him to co-found The Louisiana Marathon, which marked a transformative experience for him. The event, attracting participants from all 50 states and over 20 countries, is now a testament to his commitment to excellence. Learning from iconic events such as the New York Marathon and the Boston Marathon and inspired by the success of the Ironman group, Craig and his team navigated early cash-flow challenges, eventually achieving over 25% net profit in the last two years through the implementation of a new business operating system, positioning him with experience using the tools he now coaches clients on using. Today, the full race portfolio encompasses 22 events across six states, including strategic buyouts and acquisitions that have solidified their position in the market.

Today, Craig brings his wealth of experience to the table as an Exit Momentum Certified Business Coach. Ready to assist others in navigating unique challenges, he is committed to helping them achieve unprecedented success.


  • Craig spent 18 years in staffing and recruiting as an independent and as a franchise owner. Launching the Louisiana Marathon, he ran with an idea to become a nationally recognized endurance event in 3 years. Implementing EOS, he developed their team, scaling to 22 events in 6 states.
  • He has been married to his beautiful wife Mignon for 22 years and is the proud father of four boys.
  • Craig is a non-faculty High School Cross Country and Track & Field Coach with plans to launch a coffee shop for special needs employees including his 8 year old son, Reid, who has Down Syndrome.

As a coaching firm, Exit Momentum brings a proven blueprint and set of tools to our clients that allows them to achieve business results that they could not produce on their own. And, even if they could achieve those results on their own, we accelerate their success. Beyond coaching clients through creating their strategic vision and execution plan (and then putting it up on the shelf to collect dust), our coaches provide the accountability and support they need to execute on that vision and plan.

Optimizing our clients’ People, Purpose, Playbooks, Performance, and Profits, our coaches use their real-world experience leading businesses to bring an outside perspective to our clients, elevating individuals and teams to become the leaders they were meant to be.


The key to scaling sustainably is to build a team that can keep your business running like a well-oiled machine from the business owner to every individual employee. We’ll help you make it happen.


Examine why the work you’re doing really matters to you & develop a clear vision for what you really want out of your business and what a successful business means to you.


No more guesswork! Get a new business action plan full of robust processes, 1:1 strategic support, plus a clear set of rules, metrics, and more you’ll follow to reach new heights.


How will you measure your success? We’ll develop clear benchmarks you can use to assess how your business is growing and make adjustments as needed.


Through our work, you’ll unlock new realms of profitability by actually doing LESS of the hard work in your business.

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