What is a realistic goal that I can achieve within 12 months of business coaching? If you’re a business owner, you may have found yourself asking this exact question. It’s important to set business goals, but it’s also important to make sure they’re realistic. So, what is possible within 12 months? Well, if you look to our past client results, the answer is that the possibilities are endless! With a proper business action plan, you can achieve great things and you can achieve them fast.

Do you feel like your business transformation goals are just not possible? Then listen to the testimonials of these past clients. With our help, they were able to set business goals, execute business action plans, and within 12 months they were able to transform their businesses.

Business Coaching Case Studies

These business coaching clients were able to transform their businesses, and you can too! Listen to their stories and learn how you can achieve results like this when you partner with Exit Momentum.

Lou Bachrodt Automotive

"Having a third party coach matters because it's bringing somebody inside; they see from the window looking inside. It's not the same as being within our organization. So it's been enlightening and it's been great. It really has."

Townsend Building Supply

“We’d had some success, but it felt very labored and harder than it needed to be. We were constantly frustrated and feeling like we had to go back and cover the same ground... This has completely changed what I felt was possible for our business. Our vision before was small compared to now. We’ve seen people on the leadership team really take ownership of the company and further our vision.

Swann’s Furniture & Design

We came to Exit Momentum not from a place of desperation, but because we needed someone to help us figure out how to handle our really chaotic, fast growth without burning everything down in the process…Going through this process has allowed us to wrap the business around our team in a way that makes running the business more enjoyable, more manageable, and more fun. We’re not dealing with the same fires over and over.

Stuart & Company

“We had no structure in our planning process… This operating system has given us a venue to discuss and set our goals weekly and quarterly. We now know who needs to solve what problems, and what the process will be behind that. It’s really helped to reduce confusion.

Spencer Pest Services

We wanted to get the leadership team doing more and working more together versus me driving and trying to get everything done …As the owner, that frees me up to be more of a visionary, work on other things, or just have more free time.

Highland Wealth

We speak differently, we have much more confidence, we know exactly who we need to hire for which seats, and we’re able to see how well they’re doing based on clear data and metrics… I don’t know how we were doing this beforehand.

Design Pickle

Our firm belief is that this only worked because we didn’t try to do it ourselves. We invested in implementation with Exit Momentum. They held us accountable...We weren’t just trying to wing it...Having someone there to walk you through it and get your team all on the same page is so valuable for the whole team. Having Exit Momentum in the room was critical.

International Granite & Stone

Now, we’ve had employees go from always showing up 30 minutes late, to showing up 30 minutes early and kicking butt… This program has helped us tighten up on production, cleanliness, safety, schedules, and every part of our process…

Branded Bills

Before, everybody was doing 10 different things and we weren't doing it well… There was a lack of structure, people wearing too many hats, we had no ability to manage all the different things that go into a business…

Wake Up Warrior

“I wanted to work with [Exit Momentum] because of the stability and clarity with which they look at things, and their ability to help us see around corners we couldn’t see. We’re a $20M company, so this isn’t a small thing … If you’re a businessman and you need tactical, execution-based, bridge-building support, I can tell you with zero hesitation that I back Cullen Talley & Exit Momentum.”

Deckmaster & Buildmaster

[Working with Exit Momentum] was like using a sniper rifle to hit a target, as opposed to trying to hit it with a shotgun...We’re so much more focused in terms of where we actually need to take responsibility.”


Still not convinced? The benefits of using our business growth strategies to set business goals and execute a business action plan are proven, just listen to these successful clients!


Jessica Albright
International Granite & Stone

"We’d talk about problems for days but there were no solutions."

Steve Bacastow
Payouts Network

"The company's leadership team is much more aligned and focused. We have a significant increase in visibility into the business as a whole. Now we all know what each other are working on and we have a comfort level that we're working on the right things."

Sheri Spencer Bachmann
Spencer Pest Control

“Our meetings aren’t a waste of time anymore. We address real issues & create action items behind them… I know what’s going on without having to be directly involved.”

Craig Bachrodt
Lou Bachrodt Automotive

It feels really good to see the team and the organization improving, not only in results but also in the unified culture & structure... [Exit Momentum] provides more of a long term, sustainable future. 

Mike Benedic
Eco Energy Solutions

"Exit Momentum helped us systemize the chaos and get everyone striving to hit their goals.”

Shawn Biskup
Lou Bachrodt Automotive

Cassie Bradford
Behavioral Intervention Group

"I think that we may have actually saved the company because I do believe it would have been too late if we wouldn’t have started with Cullen.”

Rod Braud
Gonzales Electric Gates

"Our biggest wins were learning productivity through organization. We got everything systemized and took the guesswork out of growing our business.”

Jonathan Burkett
Trackable Med

“We’d been running EOS on our own for 5-6 years, but it wasn’t working. We were choosing to do this and not to do that… Since partnering with Exit Momentum, we’ve been so much more successful."

Alanna Cain
Curis Family Practice

"We both knew we needed someone outside to give us the right perspective and get us out of survival mode."

Aaron Cain
Curis Family Pactice

"We’re working half the hours as compared to three years ago, and we have more control over the business and our outcomes.”

Josh Center
Spencer Pest Control

“We knew we had issues but never got down to the nitty gritty of it."

Tim Citeno
Spencer Pest Control

“We had a scorecard to show us how we were doing over weeks and months. Now, we have the key metrics we need to understand how our business will succeed.”

Sam Coil
Branded Bills

"The growth we’ve seen [with Exit Momentum] has been humbling and insane. Now, we’re improving people’s lives, and we have flexibility in our own lives… It feels like a dream.”

Reece Cook
Stuart & Company

"It changes how we think about what needs to be done to reach our goals.”

Laura Corbin
Spencer Pest Control

“Running this business with my mom, we got distracted by ‘shiny objects.’ Using this process has made follow-through and delegation so streamlined.”

James Cummins
Elite Training & Nutrition

"I wanted to transition away from being entrenched in my business… In 90 days I completely removed myself from being stuck in operations.”

Andrea Delle
Trackable Med

"From working with Exit Momentum, we’ve gotten comfortable with being uncomfortable. We’re having more difficult conversations and communicating better as a team.”

Eliana Maria Diaz
Lou Bachrodt Automotive

We see each other and respect each other in a totally different way. We have a clear definition of roles and goals.

Dave Dickert
Branded Bills

"Now, we’ve gone from operating like a startup business—to being a company that’s going to be generational.”

Madison Dillard
Highland Wealth Management

“There wasn’t much organization—a lot of sporadic paths popping up, not a lot of structure, a lot of overlap between seats… It was hard. I didn’t know what my purpose or goal was."

Rob Eaton
Townsend Building Supply

"We have a system that ensures we’re all moving in the same direction, solving issues, and staying on track."

Dr. Scott Farley
Farley Chiropractic Inc.

"Working with Exit Momentum was a game-changer."

Gavin Filasek
Highland Wealth Management

“Exit Momentum has made a world of difference in all facets of our business… We feel so confident as business owners… We didn’t even know what we didn’t know. I don’t know how we were doing this beforehand.”

Mark Grenier
International Granite & Stone

“We’ve learned to empower people to solve problems at the managerial level rather than escalating everything to an owner-level.”

Alex Guevara
Design Pickle

“We felt like we were learning how to fly and building a plane at the same time… Now I finally have clarity in my role, and I can pass that down to my teammates. There’s way less anxiety.”

Curtis Heacock
Matthews Landscape & Pest

"The biggest takeaway that I have from working with them, personally, is they're just brutally honest when they need to be and that’s why we hired them. Cullen has always kept us focused & on track."

Michelle Henderson
International Granite & Stone

"Now, we’re showing up as leaders in how we treat our employees and how we build community.”

Bill Kaitz
Promethean Marketing

“The biggest frustration I would say is we had all the tools and all the skills. We just didn't have any blueprints on what we were building."

Nathan Kennedy
Townsend Building Supply

"We love having tools we can use to differentiate ourselves against our competitors.”

Jeff King
Highland Wealth Management

“Every day, we’d show up with great ideas—but it never got implemented. I’m 100% certain—where we are today and the progress we’ve made in the past 6-8 months couldn’t have happened without Exit Momentum.”

Myles Laroux
Highland Wealth Management

“Before Exit Momentum, we were all running towards some sort of goal but didn’t really have a vision."

Austin Larrowe
Promethean Marketing

"We knew if we weren’t efficiently growing as a team, we wouldn’t be able to experience growth as an organization."

Jason Levy
Lou Bachrodt Automotive

It matters very much having a third party coach because they're coming from the outside looking in. When you're running businesses, it's very easy to not see the forest through the trees. It's very easy for things to become white noise. Having a third party come in and take a snapshot eye view and work with you on the business together gives you the opportunity to see it fresh. 

Dr. Alexander Madaus
Rising King Academy

“I was completely lost. Money was running tight and I had no plan or focus. Exit Momentum gave me a clear strategy."

Tim Marcus
Lou Bachrodt Automotive

After working with Exit Momentum, the team functions as a lot more of a cohesive unit. We're aligned on our vision, we have our values, our beliefs, we have the goals that we're trying to accomplish, and then we have the tasks that we're working on; so we work collectively.

Garrett Matthews
Matthews Landscape & Pest

"We are able to see problems coming at us before they ever become a big issue and we are able to see our victories before they even come. Everything is right there in front of you, black and white."

Doug McGhee

"The conversations I had with Exit Momentum were priceless.”

Duane Mizell
Stuart & Company

"We had great ideas and good content, but nothing ever materialized. We had to get out of the weeds… We thought about trying to do it ourselves but couldn’t find the time. Having [Exit Momentum as a third party] has given us the best chance to win."

Nico More
Design Pickle

“I’ve got a big team underneath me, people from all over the globe. I was struggling to stay organized… This work really helped me gain a sense of clarity.”

Lester Nunez
Lou Bachrodt Automotive

Before working with Exit Momentum, one of the main concerns we had was our allocation of time. The reason it was frustrating is you only have so much time in the day, so in order to get things done, you would run out of time if you didn't plan it accordingly.

One of the things that has improved dramatically is the meeting cadence and the meaning of the meetings. Since we went through this process, our meetings now are more meaningful. There's more information and there's less time wasted in the meeting.

We've been able to set realistic expectation and goals and achieve them, it actually feels pretty good. We can quantify our results based on what we've done.

Mary Beth Odo
Trackable Med

"From a retention standpoint—we’ve never had it before. Now it feels like we’re all on the same team.”

Blake Panepinto
Stuart & Company

"The operating system has given us a way to discuss our weekly and quarterly goals, document them, and work towards them. This has helped me learn to work backwards and set milestones for our end goals."

Jim Pedicone
Design Pickle

"In the first 60 days of implementing this system, we’ve seen major differences. Our confidence, accountability, and empowerment of our leaders is night and day from what it was before."

Russ Perry
Design Pickle

“We tried reading the books and implementing different ideas… but there was never any traction around the ideas I brought to the table."

Steve Riggs
Townsend Building Supply

"But once we got into the rhythm, our meetings started making more sense than any other meeting I’ve ever been part of."

Hayes Rivault
Stuart & Company

"Having this structure has helped me stop worrying & increase my ability to focus on my responsibilities."

Kate Rooney
Design Pickle

“This system has narrowed our focus. We’re on the same page about what our goals are and how we’re going to get there, so nothing is getting dropped.”

Rachel Rush
Trackable Med

"We reacted to events, but we didn’t fix processes. We’ve been able to clean everything up and gain more clarity around all of our processes.”

Morgan Shiver
Behavioral Intervention Group

“It feels like we’re making some much needed progress and we’re moving the company in a direction where we actually can keep growing instead of just feeling more stagnant where we were.”

Valerie St. Germain
Highland Wealth Management

"Having someone from outside to listen to us, learn the ins and outs of our business, and provide their perspective was huge for us.”

Chris Stewart
International Granite & Stone

"The biggest thing has been the shift in structure, efficiency, and data. There’s no BS."

Josh Tabaj
Branded Bills

“At first this new system seemed weird. Now looking back ,we’ve seen explosive growth and we’re set up to scale to the next level… Our profitability this year is going to be about 10x.”

Angie Tellman
Swann's Furniture & Design

"We didn’t take our culture into account when we were hiring… Once we got clear on that, it became crystal clear who should be where."

Matt Theriot
LaJaunie's Pest Control

“When I came here it was six employees, now we're at about 40. It just feels great to be able to be a part of something that feels not just breakneck speed; but just a joy to be a part of really feeling like we're pulling together to grow every single day.”

Michael Townsend
Townsend Building Supply

“We’re a third-generation company. When I got into the business, we had about 45 employees. Now we’ve grown to 145 over the past 17 years. We constantly had to cover the same ground again and again without getting anywhere. We were slipping and needed some traction in our business."

Turner Townsend
Townsend Building Supply

"We asked ourselves some difficult questions, figured out what our unique abilities were, and…got rid of all the noise to find what wasn’t working."

Tyler Tramonte
Stuart & Company

“Year after year, we were running into the same walls. We had all these things we wanted to change, and we tried doing it ourselves, but nothing was getting done."

Lacie Troxclair
Stuart & Company

"Putting this system in place helped us navigate that growth and separate what needed to be done first and foremost."

Tim Welch
Branded Bills

"I now have the time to focus and brainstorm around my job and ways to further the business.”

Kailyn White
Promethean Marketing

“I was running at 120 mph, afraid to take vacations, afraid to get sick—because you are the company… They gave us a filter for our vision & the structure we needed to turn our chaos into innovation and productivity.”

Clark Wiederhold
Trackable Med

“We were having pains putting systems in place to scale the business. They were good pains, but we couldn’t get out of our own way."

Michael Williams
International Granite & Stone

"In meetings, we’d go over the same problems all the time and they never seemed to go away… Now, we’re working intentionally."

Zed Williamson
Trackable Med

"Exit Momentum helped us create specific milestones… I was looking for no BS, straight to the point, ready to rock’n’roll… I wanted to know I could have ideas and run with them. Exit Momentum gave me someone who could grab me by the throat and say, ‘Hey, chill out. Let’s do this right."

Todd Yoder
International Granite & Stone

“We’ve been working with Exit Momentum for about 6 months, and we’re already seeing results."