Client Results

case studies & Testimonials from past clients

Jessica Albright
International Grantie & Stone

“We’ve learned how to create structure that’s so detailed, everyone can flow together in a perfect path… Before, our meetings never really got anywhere. We’d talk about problems for days but there were no solutions. Now, we figure out how to fix it that second and nothing lingers on… Everything within the business is pretty well organized now, so we stay in the flow and solve problems very quickly.”

Steve Bacastow
Payouts Network

"The company's leadership team is much more aligned and focused. We have a significant increase in visibility into the business as a whole. Now we all know what each other are working on and we have a comfort level that we're working on the right things."

Sheri Spencer Bachmann
Spencer Pest Control

“Our meetings aren’t a waste of time anymore. We address real issues & create action items behind them… I know what’s going on without having to be directly involved.”

Mike Benedic
Eco Energy Solutions

“I wanted to set up systems that would hold myself and my team accountable to our goals… Now we’ve set clear targets and goals that we didn’t have before. It’s helped us tremendously in being able to focus on getting what we want out of the company. Business owners know it can be chaos. Exit Momentum helped us systemize the chaos and get everyone striving to hit their goals.”

Cassie Bradford
Behavioral Intervention Group

“We were not in a decent place before starting with Cullen. We were in a position of we didn’t know where we were and we didn’t know how bad things were…I think that we may have actually saved the company because I do believe it would have been too late if we wouldn’t have started with Cullen.”

Rod Braud
Gonzales Electric Gates

“Our sales blew up within a short period of time. With increased growth in sales, you don’t take into account how the rest of your business has to grow with that. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed when you’re a one- or two-man show…

Jonathan Burkett
Trackable Med

“We’d been running EOS for 5-6 years, but it wasn’t working. We were choosing to do this and not to do that… Since partnering with Exit Momentum, we’ve been so much more successful. We did a reboot and a refresh within the entire organization…. We’ve been able to think deeper, take action, and stay accountable.”

Alanna Cain
Curis Family Practice

“Our inclination was to just do it ourselves, but a lot of things could be delegated… There were a lot of growing pains around knowing who was supposed to do what. There were a lot of late nights. We both knew we needed someone outside to give us the right perspective and get us out of survival mode…

Exit Momentum gave us a clear way to document, set expectations, and hold everyone accountable based on those expectations. Things are so much smoother and clearer, and we have much better balance.”

Aaron Cain
Curis Family Pactice

“Our biggest frustration was time—my wife and I were working constantly, around the clock, seven days a week. We’ve got little kids at home and couldn’t figure out how to free ourselves up to enjoy our family… Exit Momentum helped us get clear on where we were and put systems in place. For the first time in our office, we formed a leadership team and got multiple sets of eyes on the business.

It’s been a complete 180 flip emotionally from where we were before to where we are now. We’re working half the hours as compared to three years ago, and we have more control over the business and our outcomes.”

Josh Center
Spencer Pest Control

“We knew we had issues but never got down to the nitty gritty of it. Since implementing this system, we’re finally dialing in our issues, solving them, and then moving onto our next issues.”

Tim Citeno
Spencer Pest Control

“We had a lot of metrics around our marketing, but we weren’t really keeping track of trends or what was going on long-term… Once we switched to this system, we started getting more done. We had a scorecard to show us how we were doing over weeks and months. Now, we have the key metrics we need to understand how our business will succeed.”

Sam Coil
Branded Bills

“Starting out, four of us were handling everything. As we grew, we had to manage personalities and handle different tasks, which we weren’t good at. We were growing faster than we could handle. We needed ways to manage our time and find the right people to help us build along the way… The growth we’ve seen [with Exit Momentum] has been humbling and insane. Now, we’re improving people’s lives, and we have flexibility in our own lives… It feels like a dream.”

Reece Cook
Stuart & Company

“As a project manager, communication was an ongoing problem. Having this structure helps reduce the confusion around what needs to be done, who needs to be doing, and the priority behind each action. We have a more structured process of understanding everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, and we’ve been able to solve issues in a more timely manner. It changes how we think about what needs to be done to reach our goals.”

Laura Corbin
Spencer Pest Control

“Running this business with my mom, we both have fun but we’re very quick starts. We got distracted by ‘shiny objects.’ We loved to sit and problem-solve but hated the execution—or we’d just have too much on our plate… Using this process has made follow-through and delegation so streamlined.”

Dave Dickert
Branded Bills

“The biggest thing for us was experiencing growth and figuring out where we wanted to go as a company. We’d had some growth but we didn’t have a plan for it. Setting goals and understanding how to achieve those goals didn’t exist. We were just bumbling along… Now, we’ve gone from operating like a startup business—to being a company that’s going to be generational.”

Madison Dillard
Highland Wealth Management

“There wasn’t much organization—a lot of sporadic paths popping up, not a lot of structure, a lot of overlap between seats… It was hard. I didn’t know what my purpose or goal was… After doing these trainings, I was able to hone in on my purpose for the community and do a better job.”

Rob Eaton
Townsend Building Supply

“I started off in the military, where there’s a worked out system for everything and doctrine to follow. Moving into this business… it felt like a lot of chaos. Part of our core values now includes bringing order to chaos. We have a system that ensures we’re all moving in the same direction, solving issues, and staying on track. I’ve seen a huge difference in the couple years we’ve been doing this.”

Dr. Scott Farley
Farley Chiropractic Inc.

"As a team, we’ve shifted… Their attitudes, drive, productivity in the office, feelings of ease at work—everything has improved.”

Gavin Filasek
Highland Wealth Management

“Exit Momentum has made a world of difference in all facets of our business… We feel so confident as business owners… We didn’t even know what we didn’t know. I don’t know how we were doing this beforehand.”

Mark Grenier
International Granite & Stone

“We experienced stagnation in the growth of the company. We’d been growing year to year, but in the past couple years, growth had been much smaller. We were talking about the same things over and over again in weekly meetings without them ever being resolved… We’ve learned to empower people to solve problems at the managerial level rather than escalating everything to an owner-level… Communicating more about our goals and where we’re at as a team has been great, and it’s even helped us save money.”

Alex Guevara
Design Pickle

“We felt like we were learning how to fly and building a plane at the same time… Now I finally have clarity in my role, and I can pass that down to my teammates. There’s way less anxiety.”

Curtis Heacock
Matthews Landscape & Pest

"The biggest takeaway that I have from working with them, personally, is they're just brutally honest when they need to be and that’s why we hired them. Cullen has always kept us focused & on track."

Michelle Henderson
International Granite & Stone

“Before, there wasn’t a lot of involvement for employees. They were expected to kind of do what they were told and not ask too many questions. Leadership was making decisions from the outside and it was impacting the company greatly. There was no room to ask questions about how things were being done. I have 20 years of experience, so I wanted to help the organization work smarter, not harder… Now, we’re showing up as leaders in how we treat our employees and how we build community.”

Bill Kaitz
Promethean Marketing

“The biggest frustration I would say is we had all the tools and all the skills. We just didn't have any blueprints on what we were building. So we were really spread really thin from top to bottom.”

Nathan Kennedy
Townsend Building Supply

“Exit Momentum has helped us create accountability within our departments—not only for subordinates but for leaders to be accountable to the actions we’ve put in place. It also drives conversation, internally and externally. We love having tools we can use to differentiate ourselves against our competitors.”

Jeff King
Highland Wealth Management

“Every day, we’d show up with great ideas—but it never got implemented. Our meetings were wishy-washy. It felt like we were paddling upstream… Now, I’m 100% certain—where we are today and the progress we’ve made in the past 6-8 months couldn’t have happened without Exit Momentum.”

Myles Laroux
Highland Wealth Management

“Before Exit Momentum, we were all running towards some sort of goal but didn’t really have a vision… There was a lot of muddy water around ‘success.’ You didn’t know when you were winning and when you were losing. This system helped us reinvent all of that.”

Austin Larrowe
Promethean Marketing

“We’d tried other processes that made a positive impact, but nothing stuck long enough to change the organization in a significant way… We knew if we weren’t efficiently growing as a team, we wouldn’t be able to experience growth as an organization… After working with Exit Momentum, we exponentially improved our clarity and shared vision.”

Dr. Alexander Madaus
Rising King Academy

“I was completely lost. Money was running tight and I had no plan or focus. Exit Momentum gave me a clear strategy… I had a vision in mind, and it’s exactly what I achieved in the end.”

Garrett Matthews
Matthews Landscape & Pest

"We are able to see problems coming at us before they ever become a big issue and we are able to see our victories before they even come. Everything is right there in front of you, black and white."

Doug McGhee

“Exit Momentum helps you look way down the road… The conversations I had with Exit Momentum were priceless.”

Duane Mizell
Stuart & Company

“We had easily four years worth of data that I’d collected over time… We had great ideas and good content, but nothing ever materialized. We had to get out of the weeds… We thought about trying to do it ourselves but couldn’t find the time. Having [Exit Momentum as a third party] has given us the best chance to win. We’re on our way to leading the market as the best at what we do. We’ve finally been able to take some of the jumbled mess from the back of mind and put it on the table. Now, there’s a place holder and a system for how we’re going to attack it and resolve it.”

Mary Beth Odo
Trackable Med

“People weren’t bringing real issues to the table, because we didn’t feel things would be processed the way they should… Having this structure really helped us not to get sidetracked. Now, we drill down to what’s important, stay on our timelines, and get a lot more done. From a retention standpoint—we’ve never had it before. Now it feels like we’re all on the same team.”

Blake Panepinto
Stuart & Company

“We had a lack of structure, no planning process… Myself and the executives would sit around and shoot the breeze each week. The operating system has given us a way to discuss our weekly and quarterly goals, document them, and work towards them. This has helped me learn to work backwards and set milestones for our end goals. It’s been refreshing.”

Steve Riggs
Townsend Building Supply

“In all the positions I’ve had, we’ve always done weekly meetings—but they’ve never had a structured format. It took us about 3 months to get used to it and stop getting off on tangents. But once we got into the rhythm, our meetings started making more sense than any other meeting I’ve ever been part of. We now have a structure in place that all our employees know and can work through.”

Hayes Rivault
Stuart & Company

“I’m early in my career and was struggling to understand what my role even was—what was expected of me, where I could excel, where I could take initiative. There was a lack of structure and communication that felt confusing and wide open… Having this structure has helped me stop worrying & increase my ability to focus on my responsibilities. I have a better understanding of what’s expected and can excited opportunities that are developing for the future. It giv

Morgan Shiver
Behavioral Intervention Group

“It feels like we’re making some much needed progress and we’re moving the company in a direction where we actually can keep growing instead of just feeling more stagnant where we were.”

Valerie St. Germain
Highland Wealth Management

“We didn’t have a good system for tracking the business or working through problems. Our method of communication was call, text, email, shouting from the office—all over the place… Having someone from outside to listen to us, learn the ins and outs of our business, and provide their perspective was huge for us.”

Chris Stewart
International Grantie & Stone

“You always say you have a company culture, but it’s more than a nice slogan on the wall. We got clear on our core values… It’s made our leadership team more open, transparent, and productive… We’re growing fast and there are a lot of moving parts… The biggest thing has been the shift in structure, efficiency, and data. There’s no BS. We hold everybody accountable for achieving milestones… We’ve seen a boost in efficiency in all departments.”

Josh Tabaj
Branded Bills

“Before, we were extremely unorganized… We loved to get things, run with it, but not look back and see where we were running. But we came to the conclusion that we could only run so fast for so long without issues… At first this new system seemed weird. We hadn’t been hiring, but we started hiring all these people and weren’t sure what the financial impact would be. Now looking back ,we’ve seen explosive growth and we’re set up to scale to the next level… Our profitability this year is going to be about 10x.”

Angie Tellman
Swann's Furniture & Design

“We didn’t have the right processes or the right people in the right seats. We didn’t take our culture into account when we were hiring… Once we got clear on that, it became crystal clear who should be where. Sometimes it’s hard to make tough decisions about whether team members should stay or go, so it’s helpful to have somebody neutral who can show you what’s right in front of your face but you’re just missing it.”

Matt Theriot
LaJaunie's Pest Control

“When I came here it was six employees, now we're at about 40; so I've seen it from every perspective, every type of position of how this company has adapted and changed along the way. It just feels great to be able to be a part of something that feels not just breakneck speed; but extremely just a joy to be apart of really feeling like we're pulling together to grow every single day.”

Michael Townsend
Townsend Building Supply

“We’re a third-generation company. When I got into the business=, we had about 45 employees. Now we’ve grown to 145 over the past 17 years. We had a lot of success but it was labored. We constantly had to cover the same ground again and again without getting anywhere. We were slipping and needed some traction in our business. [Exit Momentum] provided the accountability and structure we needed to grow and achieve our goals.”

Turner Townsend
Townsend Building Supply

“We’ve seen a serious maturation of our leadership team. We asked ourselves some difficult questions, figured out what our unique abilities were, and…got rid of all the noise to find what wasn’t working… Having a framework has helped us make the company scalable with a clear process.”

Tyler Tramonte
Stuart & Company

“Year after year, we were running into the same walls. We had all these things we wanted to change, and we tried doing it ourselves, but nothing was getting done. This system has given us the checks and balances we needed to start getting things done… We’ve moved from being stuck in the day-to-day business activity… to now having a partner who’s helped us get that 30,000-foot-elevation view, so we can see what we really need to do.”

Lacie Troxclair
Stuart & Company

“We were a fast-growing company experiencing a lot of growing pains. Putting this system in place helped us navigate that growth and separate what needed to be done first and foremost… Now, we have a clear understanding of what roles everyone needs to play. Everyone is on the same page, and we know what the goals are.”

Tim Welch
Branded Bills

“We were struggling with a lack of structure, wearing too many hats, and not excelling. We had no structure or plan. We’d go with what we felt made the most sense… but at the end of the day, we had no idea what we were doing—which caused friction and chaos… Now, we have a team full of people who know what they’re doing. They know their roles and responsibilities and understand exactly what they should be doing all day long. I now have the time to focus and brainstorm around my job and ways to further the business.”

Kailyn White
Promethean Marketing

“I was running at 120 mph, afraid to take vacations, afraid to get sick—because you are the company… We didn’t have a strong Integrator on our team… We wasted a lot of time, and there was a lot of ‘fire fighting.’ There were no projections or thoughts of the future… There was no clear operating system.

After working with Exit Momentum, we were organized enough to identify hires… We stopped bootstrapping and implemented a system that helps us plan, run better meetings, and focus on predictability. Having accountability from Exit Momentum’s team has been the biggest thing. They gave us a filter for our vision & the structure we needed to turn our chaos into innovation and productivity.”

Clark Wiederhold
Trackable Med

“We were having pains putting systems in place to scale the business. They were good pains, but we couldn’t get out of our own way… Now, we’ve been able to simplify, focus on what we’re really good at executing, and not make it overly complicated. The process has helped us all grow in the same direction and has helped our team members discover a better version of themselves.”

Michael Williams
International Grantie & Stone

“We found that we’d gotten stagnant. We wanted to hit those bigger numbers, but we needed to get ourselves organized. In meetings, we’d go over the same problems all the time and they never seemed to go away… Now, we’re working intentionally. We’re seeing good growth since coming onboard with Exit Momentum… This program has helped us tighten everything up and created a big change in our production department.”

Todd Yoder
International Grantie & Stone

“We’ve been working with Exit Momentum for about 6 months, and we’re already seeing results. Our departments weren’t communicating. Now, everyone’s gotten on the same page in terms of our goals, direction, and where we want to go as a company.”