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Townsend Building Supply

Townsend Building Supply

“We’d had some success, but it felt very labored and harder than it needed to be. We were constantly frustrated and feeling like we had to go back and cover the same ground. We needed a way to get some traction in our business…. Something that would provide accountability and structure, so we could achieve our goals with less effort.

This has completely changed what I felt was possible for our business. Our vision before was small compared to now. We’ve seen people on the leadership team really take ownership of the company and further our vision. It’s been exciting for me to see the team that takes ownership and have pride in providing that vision and getting things accomplished.

Exit Momentum gets business. They get people. They bring a level of accountability to the equation that we couldn’t have gotten ourselves. And they bring traction—they understand running a business inside and out, which really helped kickstart things for us.”

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