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Swann's Furniture & Design

Swann's Furniture & Design

“We’ve been in business since 1895. Being the fifth generation carries some weight. We’ve been in the community for so long… Having the pressure not to screw this up is very real, but we take a lot of pride in it… I wanted to carry the ball forward and make this something even better than it was.

Being an old family business, one of the challenges is that you have problems and stories that are sometimes multi-generational. Being able to get perspective and figure out how to really advance into a better way of doing things is vital.

We came to Exit Momentum not from a place of desperation, but because we needed someone to help us figure out how to handle our really chaotic, fast growth without burning everything down in the process… I also look at this business as a stewardship and want everyone who works here to have their life improve measurably.

Going through this process has allowed us to wrap the business around our team in a way that makes running the business more enjoyable, more manageable, and more fun. We’re not dealing with the same fires over and over. The business is just really dialed in. It’s not even the same business anymore.”