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International Granite & Stone

International Granite & Stone

“Last year, we became a $20M revenue company, and we just kept throwing people at problems. Profitability hurts when you do that. We saw a lot of waste and loss just through mistakes.

We also needed to focus more on the culture and the employees… Before, there wasn’t a lot of involvement with employees. Leadership would just make decisions and people didn’t really know what was going on…

Now, we’ve had employees go from always showing up 30 minutes late, to showing up 30 minutes early and kicking butt… This program has helped us tighten up on production, cleanliness, safety, schedules, and every part of our process… People are now able to solve problems at a managerial level… Since moving to this new structure, we’ve become much more efficient and productive. We’re making fewer mistakes, which saves us a lot of money and puts more right into our bottom line.”