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Design Pickle

Design Pickle

“Being a startup, we’re so used to constantly pivoting and really having that shiny object syndrome. Projects would get dropped because we were constantly bouncing around to the next thing… We’d tried other management systems, but there was nothing we could all get behind… There were so many different times where we had different goals across departments, and that doesn’t work.

Our growth was pretty crazy early on. We went from each person wearing a million hats, to having this team of specialists—but we didn’t know how to manage them. It felt like we weren’t doing justice to our team members… We needed to adopt some kind of system for everyone to operate and communicate in a cohesive way.

Our leadership team is really excited about the changes we’ve made… What the company wants to accomplish in the next 3, 5, 10 years is now really clear… We finally have clarity in our roles… There’s way less anxiety and we feel comfortable thinking years in advance.

Our firm belief is that this only worked because we didn’t try to do it ourselves. We invested in implementation with Exit Momentum. They held us accountable. We had coaching resources. We weren’t just trying to wing it. That’s made the biggest difference… Having someone there to walk you through it and get your team all on the same page is so valuable for the whole team. Having Exit Momentum in the room was critical.”

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