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Deckmaster & Buildmaster

Deckmaster & Buildmaster

“We met when we were 18 years old and we’ve always been entrepreneurs… [In our last business], we really hit burnout mode and felt like everything kept coming back on us. When we came back into business a few years later, we knew we had to do business differently… We knew we had to have employees, which has been an amazing adventure. Our first year, we predicted that we were going to do $1 Million and ended up doing $3 Million—which was a great surprise, but it put us on a path that we didn’t really know what to do with.

What surfaced back up again was that feeling of burnout. Of not having enough time in the day. We couldn’t break through because we just didn’t have the capacity… We didn’t know how we were going to handle our growth past this point…

[Working with Exit Momentum] was like using a sniper rifle to hit a target, as opposed to trying to hit it with a shotgun. We’re so much more dialed in now… You get a whole different level of maximization… I’m seeing a whole different level of responsibility and accountability with our team. We’re doing less than we’ve ever done and getting way more accomplished, because we’re focusing where we should be and not on all the little fringe stuff… We’re so much more focused in terms of where we actually need to take responsibility.”