Join the Elite:
Coach with Exit Momentum

At Exit Momentum, we don’t just train coaches. We cultivate elite business leaders.
If you’re looking to elevate your coaching career, read on.

But be warned: We set the bar high, and we don’t settle for mediocrity.

We’re looking for the few—those with the grit, skill, and tenacity to make a real impact—the contenders, not the pretenders.

Successful Business Owner or
Leadership Team Experience

We’re not just looking for coaches; we’re in search of dynamic business leaders with a proven track record. Hands-on experience is a must, and if you don’t have that, this isn’t going to be a good fit.

If you’ve steered the ship through turbulent waters, built successful teams, and delivered tangible results, keep reading…

What it takes…

Desire to Follow Our Proven Exit Momentum Framework

We expect our coaches to adopt and lead with Exit Momentum’s tested and proven processes, systems, and tools.

A Student’s Mindset with a Pursuit of Mastery

Every one of our coaches shares this same attribute – an uncommon desire for continued learning and growth.

Personal Development Investment/History 

To be a successful coach, you need to have invested in coaching yourself, so that our clients’ investment is real to you.

A Personal Endurance Mentality/Story 

As we’re leading clients through tough decisions and hard conversations, the resilience of our coaches is essential.

Humility, Emotional Courage, Self-Awareness, & Confidence

The ability to balance assertiveness with compassion is crucial as you challenge, support, and inspire.

Willing Team Player & Desire to be Part of a Team

There are no lone wolves on this team. As an Exit Momentum coach, your success is tied to the success of all the other coaches.

These are our non-negotiables.

That’s not all. Here’s what we demand of our coaches:

Financial Stability
The work we’re asking our clients to do requires high levels of financial stewardship and attention. We expect you to bring this same level of focus to your own finances.
Technologically Literate
Tech drives much of the work we do, and every one of our coaches is expected to be fluent in its use as they are coaching Exit Momentum clients.
Razor-Sharp Communication Skills
A coach who truly listens? That’s gold. You’ve got to get the nuances, the subtleties, the unspoken words. At the same time, you need to be able to cut through the fluff. There’s no room for jargon or BS here.
Past Experience Coaching, Teaching, and Facilitating
Leading clients requires sizing up complex situations, drilling down to the core issues, and delivering strategies that pack a punch and bring fresh, game-changing ideas to the table.
Ironclad Integrity
We show up with unbreakable ethics, holding ourselves to the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and ethical conduct. At the same time, we practice vault-like confidentiality, guarding our client’s secrets like they’re our own.

There’s a difference between good coaches and bad ones.


Before you go further, you need to know the difference…

Exit Momentum Coaches gathered looking at a computer

Where intense meets fun.

We vet our coaches carefully because, at the end of the day, it’s Exit Momentum’s reputation on the line. If you’ve read everything above and still think you could be a good fit, we can take the next step.

Our process begins with our coaching application. To be clear, getting in the door is an intense process because the work we do for clients is intense, and working with the best is not for everyone. Ready to go?

Think you have what it takes?
Here’s the next step.

As part of our application process, we request that prospective coaches submit a recorded video that addresses the 12 areas listed below:

1. Describe, in detail, your personal development history and how you’ve invested in your growth.

2. Describe, in detail, your previous business owner/leadership experience, including key metrics & links to public sources confirming it.

3. Describe your business OS (Scaling Up, EOS®, 4DX) implementation experience.

4. Describe your coaching background.

5. Describe your view of the fundamentals of business and how they intersect with one another.

6. Describe the most challenging thing you’ve ever gone through in your life and the impact of it now.

7. Describe your use of technology in life and business.

8. Describe a recent time where you had a brand new insight.

9. Describe why you want to be part of the team at Exit Momentum.

10. Describe your current business ventures and share your plan for those roles if you become an Exit Momentum coach.

11. What groups or centers of influence do you belong to?

12. What documentation (tax returns, wealth management statements, etc.) are you willing to provide to confirm your financial stability?

Ready to go?
Submit your video application here.