Are You Ready For a Business Coach? How to Find & Vet the Right Mentor

From reaching exciting new goals to working out the kinks in your business systems, processes, and strategies—there are moments in every business owner’s journey when you’ll inevitably start to wonder whether it’s time to seek outside support.

Even as an expert in your industry, there’s a level of accountability, external perspective, and clarity that can often only be achieved through bringing in a third party.

However, you should only bring in a business coach when you’re truly ready to roll up your sleeves, trust the process, and do the work. And—not just any business coach will do.

If you’re considering hiring a mentor to guide you through your next season of growth, this article will help you decide whether you’re ready for the commitment of working with a coach. Plus, you’ll learn 7 strategies you can use to make sure you’ve found and properly vetted the right person for your organization.

Are You Ready For a Business Coach?

The first step in deciding whether or not to hire a business coach is assessing the real reasons and goals behind your desire. Some signs that you may be ready to bring in a pro include:

  • Feeling stuck or overwhelmed. Running your business used to feel exciting. These days though, you’ve hit a wall and can’t figure out how to move forward.
  • Lack of clarity or direction: Many business owners describe a feeling of ‘spinning their wheels.’ You might feel like you’re constantly busy but never really seeing progress. You’re not sure where you’re headed, you don’t have a plan, and as a result, you’re moving in a direction that doesn’t align with what you want for your life.
  • Desire for growth or improvement: You’re ready to pour gasoline on the fire. You want to crank up your sales, crank up your revenue, build out your team, and take your business to the next level.
  • Need for accountability: You set goals, but you rarely follow through on them. You get distracted by putting out fires and managing day-to-day operations. You want someone to step in and hold you to your big vision.
  • Desire For Personal or Professional Development: You’re ready to evolve, as a person and as a business owner. You want to become a better leader, shift your mindset around building your business, or even learn new skills. You love the idea of working directly with someone to facilitate that growth.


How to Find & Vet the Right Mentor

Once you’ve determined that you are, in fact, ready to look for a coach, the challenge is on. In a saturated market full of people making empty promises, business owners would be wise to ask discerning questions and not settle for the first mentor who comes along.

When interviewing and vetting coaches, be sure to consider…

Your Specific Goals & Challenges
Different coaches will bring different types and levels of experience to the table. Get clear on exactly what you’re struggling with, and exactly what you want to work on. Then, intentionally search for someone who can help you fill those gaps.

A great place to start is by asking others in your industry who they’ve worked with. Ask them to provide specific examples of the transformation their coach helped them create. Interview anyone whose skillset seems to align with what you’re looking for in a mentor, and ask the prospective coach to share examples of situations where they were able to help a client create similar results.

Your Expectations From the Relationship
Do you want a coach who’s going to step in as a pseudo team member, involved in your daily operations? Or would you prefer someone who meets with you for monthly or even quarterly check-ins?

Is it important to you to work with someone who can meet with you in person? Or would you prefer a virtual coaching experience where you can communicate easily from anywhere?

Do you want your coach to take a more hands-on, assertive approach to mentoring you? Or would you prefer someone who offers observations and advice, but ultimately takes a more laid back approach?

Before you start interviewing coaches who will try to sell you on their process, get a clear picture of what YOU want out of the relationship. Going into your vetting process with a clear image of what is and isn’t important to you in your coaching experience will help you weed out people who are an obvious wrong fit from the start.

The Coach’s Recommendations, Referrals, & Case Studies

When it comes to choosing the right coach, results are everything. Your coach should be able to show a clear track record of success working with business owners similar to you.

Remember: There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking a coach to back up their claims or provide evidence that their process works.

The right mentor will be eager to share success stories, answer your questions, and will be just as invested (if not even moreso) in making sure you’re a right-fit for their program than you are.

Personal Chemistry & Alignment of Vision
You and your coach may not need to agree on everything on a personal level. But this person is going to be in the weeds with you in your business, helping you make key decisions and guiding you through difficult growth processes—most likely, for months at a time. It’s important that you respect your coach and value their perspectives.

Don’t be afraid to ask a prospective coach about their methodology or coaching philosophy. Look for a shared sense of values, and don’t be afraid to speak openly about what really matters to you in your business.

Working With An EXM Business Coach

At Exit Momentum, we provide a highly personalized approach to business coaching. With a proven process and hundreds of testimonials to back it up, we’re passionate about helping business owners clarify their vision, establish strategic processes, and reach their goals in record time.

Curious about working with one of our coaches? We’re open books and more than happy to answer all your questions. Schedule a complimentary call today, and let’s find out whether we might be the right fit to work together this year.

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