Activating Your A-Team: How to Get the Right People Into the Right Seats, Doing the Right Things, at the Right Time

We talk a lot in business about the importance of “getting the right people into the right seats.” That’s probably been on your radar since day one, right?

When our clients first come aboard, most of them are stressed out about their teams. Whether they can’t seem to find the right person to fill a particular role, or they’re dealing with a stressful wrong-fit situation that needs resolving. People-problems are at the heart of SO many business owners’ greatest stresses.

As Cole Taylor, one of Exit Momentum’s certified coaches, says, “Businesses don’t have problems. Businesses have people, and people have problems.”

But what if we told you finding the right people and getting them into the right seats is only half of the equation?

It’s true, an A-team is made up of A-players. A great coach will be able to see those players’ greatest strengths and put them in the right spots.

Here’s the thing, though. Even if those players possess the skills they need to do a great job—and even if they’re super aligned with your culture and mission—that’s all meaningless if they aren’t also doing the right things and taking the right actions at the right time.


For many of our clients, the Jim Collins concept of “right people in the right seats” is a holdover from past failed attempts at implementing popular business growth frameworks. From popular books and operating systems to conversations with other coaches, you’ve undoubtedly heard them wax poetic about the importance of building your “right people in the right seats” team.

This is a solid way to start. However, it fails to fully capture the depth and complexity of this idea. When business owners implement this idea using only their lens, eventually, they’re left with a half-baked strategy that only gets them to the 50-yard-line rather than seeing them all the way through to the touchdown.

When we zoom out even further, we can trace the original concept back to Jim Collins and his writing in Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t.

Whereas many coaches’ and operating systems’ approaches are oversimplified, leaving much room for misinterpretation, Colllins’ approach frames this idea as just that—a guiding concept or business philosophy. When we look at “getting the right people into the right seats” as the starting block rather than the destination, we can clearly see why and how this concept so frequently goes awry.

Simply put, when you stop at that 50-yard-line, you miss perhaps the most valuable pieces of the equation: action and timing.


If you’re pretty sure you’ve got the right people in the right seats, and things STILL aren’t working—it’s time to look at the actions they’re taking and the timing of those actions.

Activating your team’s abilities to their fullest extent is key. And timing is everything.

There’s no silver bullet for this. Figuring out what it takes to support your specific team members and nail your timing takes intentional digging and strategic savvy. It requires peeling back the layers bit by bit until you start to unearth what’s really at the heart of your problems.

But when you finally nail all four variables in this equation—the right people in the right seats doing the right things at the right time—you’ve opened yourself up to next-level growth. Nail this, and you’ll be able to:

Increase efficiency and productivity in your organization.

When tasks and initiatives are properly synchronized, your team can operate like a well-oiled machine. Their efforts build off each other in a streamlined flow rather than being duplicative or falling out of sequence. This reduces wasted effort and keeps everyone focused on high-value activities.

Build an adaptable, agile team that’s ready for anything.

Having the right activities lined up allows you to nimbly adapt to changes in the market, customer needs, or business landscape. Your team can quickly re-prioritize and reallocate resources as required to pivot and stay ahead of the curve.

Enhance your team’s overall performance, results, and profitability.

Ultimately, ensuring your people’s work is activated at the opportune moments unlocks their full potential. You’ll see improved execution, better strategy implementation, and superior business outcomes overall. The compounding benefits of getting this timing piece right are exponential.


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