Unchecked business growth for the sake of growth turns your business into a prison.



At Exit Momentum, We Believe…

CLARITY is the cornerstone of any successful business.

If you’re running full-speed ahead without a clear sense of where you want to go, you don’t get to be mad about where you end up.

Vision without EXECUTION is just wishful thinking.

Most business owners need a third-party business coach to help them turn their dreams and desires into tangible, actionable strategies.

The most successful business owners are ACCOUNTABLE to their teams & goals.

It’s not enough to be an owner. If you want to gain traction to scale with maximum sustainability & profitability, you’ll need to learn to show up as a true LEADER.

Successful Long-term business growth is defined by RESULTS.

We don’t make empty, vague promises about what we can accomplish together. Instead, we let our clients’ transformations speak for themselves.

FREEDOM is the ultimate mark of prosperity.

Massive growth of revenue, profit, & people is great—but it’s nothing if it means your business takes over the rest of your life.

At Exit Momentum, we help you EXIT the chaos, turbulence, & confusion you’re currently experiencing—so you can build MOMENTUM & skyrocket your growth with speed, precision, support, & clarity. Ready to…

Stop feeling like the Chief Problem Solver of your business?
Build a team that supports your vision of long-term, scalable, sustainable business growth?
Take a real vacation—one where you’re not constantly checking email, answering calls, or wondering what is happening at the office?
Reclaim your precious family time instead of working or being distracted around the clock?
Empower your people to perform at their highest level of potential, experience true career fulfillment, and solve problems without you being involved?
Get a customized, step-by-step plan for getting out of the struggle and on to your next level of success—as quickly and painlessly as possible with help from a business coach?

We’ll show you the way. Let’s talk.

“Stability. Clarity. Simplicity. Cullen brings a unique ability to see around corners we couldn’t see.”

—Garrett J. White | CEO, Wake Up Warrior

Meet Our Founder & Head Coach

Hi, I’m Cullen Talley: the founder & visionary behind Exit Momentum.

Having been actively involved in entrepreneurship since early childhood, I’ve seen firsthand what it really takes to run a successful business.

From stocking shelves for my parents’ business…
To contracting with nearly 2,000 individual businesses…
To leading as COO of a $20 million company…
To being part of angel-funded startup teams and eventually an investor…
To serving as a Certified EOS Implementer for several years…
To supporting clients today as a Certified Pinnacle Business Guide…

Helping businesses experience massive growth with ease, clarity, and direction is an integral part of who I am & the work I feel I’ve been put on this earth to do.
I know where you are. The chaos, the overwhelm, the hunger for more, the fear that you’ll never reach your full potential—or that when you do, you’ll have sacrificed too much in the process..

Between growing my own companies and supporting our clients here at Exit Momentum, I’ve been in your shoes thousands of times before.

Here’s what I know to be true: Nothing changes until you make a change.

If you’re ready to stop growing your business from a place of reactivity, chaos, & burnout—and get high-level accountability, clarity, and strategy…

…You’re in the right place. We’ve helped our clients:

  • Build powerful teams that support long-term business growth, even when the owners want to step away for family time or a vacation
  • Develop a strong leadership infrastructure, full of perfect-fit people who take ownership of their role in the company, so you can stop stressing about daily activities and get back to loving your role as the visionary of the business.
  • Build a trustworthy team of employees who care about their work and stick around for the long haul—because YOU know how to lead effectively and enroll people in your vision.
  • Exponentially increase their revenue and profit, in a way that feels simple, streamlined, and clear for everyone involved.
  • Turn unruly growth into exponential potential, so they could stop capping their own progress & shift to a business growth strategy that allows for maximum scalability with sustainability.
…And if you’re ready for your next level of success, we can help you do the same.

The first step? Getting on a call so we can both assess whether we’re the right people to support you in reaching your goals and building a successful business.

Looking forward to speaking with you soon,

Our Team

Jason Ambeau
Business Coach
Deric Keller
Business Coach
Marki Willis
Director of Operations

Jason Ambeau got his start in sales when he was just 7 years old. While playing with the other neighborhood kids, Jason hatched a plan to dig a tunnel from his backyard, under the road, to his friend’s backyard. They didn’t make it very far—they grew tired of digging at about the 6’ mark and found themselves with a new problem… a massive pile of dirt that had to be managed.

THIS is where Jason’s first spark of entrepreneurship ignited. He bagged up the dirt, went around the block trying to sell dirt to the neighbors—and the rest is history.

Several years later, Jason’s innate work ethic and eye for unique opportunities would catapult his career forward. Turning an early job as a stock boy into a position as regional manager, Jason developed a people-first management style years before a focus on team culture was popular. He learned early on that PEOPLE are the key to any organization’s success—a mindset that still drives his coaching to this day.

After leaving his position as regional manager, Jason shifted his focus to sales management, retail, and banking/financial management, where he helped one company grow from $2M in revenue to more than $3.5M in just one year. For another firm, he helped ramp up their direct mail response rate from 2% to 18% by training and managing a staff of salespeople to follow up on each lead. He’s since led groups producing more than 8-figures in annual sales and managed operations for organizations in a variety of C-suite level positions.

Eventually, Jason decided to leverage his entrepreneurial acumen and decades of experience to grow his own business, managing business tax credits & property tax negotiations for small business owners. After more than 15 years of leading his own business, and immersing himself into personal coaching and development, Jason joined the Exit Momentum team as a Business Coach in 2021.

“At Exit Momentum, we always create results. We’re not coaching people to have a cool story to tell at their next cocktail party. We’re here to help them see results volume-wise, profit-wise, and people-wise… We’re proud to support our clients with a proven process that works in virtually every industry, and clear systems that get results time and time again.”


  • Jason is a happily married father of four and grandfather of two.
  • Outside of work, Jason is passionate about fitness and physical training. He believes a well-tuned body and mind are essential to longterm success.
  • Jason is particularly passionate about practicing Krav Maga, an Israeli Martial art known for its focus on real-world situations and extreme efficiency.

When Deric Keller begrudgingly took a job as a car salesman, he had no idea it would lead to a lifetime of excellence as an entrepreneur and business mentor. Fresh out of the Marine Corps, Deric was struggling with where to go next in his civilian career. Working in sales, he quickly identified a lot that he didn’t like about that model—so he set out to create a completely new, never-seen-before way of doing business in the automotive industry.

Flash forward a few years, and Deric had successfully grown multiple businesses well beyond the multiple 7-figure revenue mark, all while staying true to his keen system of values. It was in the growth of one of these companies that he was first introduced to Exit Momentum. Working with us as a client, he was able to grow his most recent venture to more than $10 Million.

In his own path as a successful serial entrepreneur, Deric discovered a true love for discovering complex problems and breaking them into small, manageable pieces. After witnessing his mastery of the Exit Momentum process firsthand, we brought him on as a coach so he could share his gifts for strategy, simplification, and systematic thinking with our other clients.

Having managed teams of more than 500 people across 14 locations and $500 million in annual revenue, Deric understands firsthand the challenges a rapidly growing business faces. He knows exactly how to get your chaotic growth in check, so you can scale from a place of clarity, accountability, and freedom.

These days, Deric supports the western division of Exit Momentum. His favorite thing about coaching is the look on client’s faces when ‘the lightbulb comes on.’

“We have clients who’ve struggled for years and still can’t figure out how to get their teams to operate. They do this work, that light comes on, and suddenly, they’ve unlocked a whole new world of success.”


  • Deric is a highly decorated combat veteran with the US Marine Corps. He served our country with distinction during the tumultuous years of 1999 to 2003.
  • Deric and his wife, Leslie have been married since 2005. They are the proud parents of seven children.
  • When he’s not coaching, Deric is enjoying some sort of physical challenge. In recent years, he’s participated in the Endeavor Team Challenge, GoRuck events, Spartan Race, 11 Summits, as well as multiple marathons.

Marki Willis is the Director of Operations at Exit Momentum, and Founder Cullen Talley’s right-hand woman. With a degree in marketing and prior experience in healthcare account management and family/home management, Marki is uniquely positioned to provide a variety of different types of support and expertise. In fact, we sometimes joke that it would be easier to list things Marki doesn’t excel at than to name the plethora of ways she supports our mission.

Marki’s upbeat personality and well-rounded professional background give her a truly one-of-a-kind perspective on even the most seemingly-insurmountable operations challenges. Having previously worked in marketing and customer service at Disney World before joining the Exit Momentum team, Marki has an especially deep understanding of the importance of creating a positive team atmosphere and an exceptional customer experience.

All of this, combined with her naturally strong sense of strategy and her unmatchable work ethic, has made her an invaluable asset to our team—and to our clients’ teams—since 2020. Originally hired as an assistant, Marki immediately showed us what she was really made of and was promoted to her current position after executing a successful annual season for 20+ clients across the US.

Today, Marki’s favorite thing about her work at Exit Momentum is seeing how profoundly this work impacts clients’ lives. “I love getting to spend time with clients and see how fast everything can change… What most people don’t realize is, an investment in business coaching with Exit Momentum is an investment in your growth, as a company, as an entrepreneur, and as a leader.”


  • Marki is Cullen’s “bonus daughter”—but that doesn’t mean she came by her position easily! When Marki expressed interest in working with Exit Momentum, she had to apply, interview, and go through the consideration process with all the other applicants.
  • When she’s not working, Marki enjoys living on a 27-acre farm with her husband, where she enjoys taking care of their cows and chickens.
  • Marki is expecting her first child in 2023; we can’t wait to meet the newest member of the Exit Momentum family!

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