About Cullen Talley

Get to know the founder of Exit Momentum

— Where Did All This Start? —

I wonder if you’re like me…

I’ve always had this insatiable curiosity about business. Ever since childhood, I asked questions about and had an innate desire to understand:


  • why people purchased
  • how successful businesses are run
  • what business models work best in different situations
  • why some businesses get stuck while others continually grow, and
  • why there are those who always need money when others don’t

At six years old, I loved being around the business meetings my parents had in our home. Or listening to audios of business gurus of the time while I was riding in the car or stocking shelves. Even going to out-of-town conventions with my parents, all the while dressed in my 3-piece suit and sitting in the main ballroom listening to the keynote speakers for hours.

I know, I know… strange kid.

I remember helping setup (and occasionally, after driving my parents nuts, being allowed to run) product demonstrations for prospects. Even as a kid, I loved seeing their businesses expand, all the while feeling a sense of pride for the role I had been able to play.

I loved every minute of it and it was a fascination that never went away.


Fast forward to my college years when I decided to work full time. It only took a few months for me to wind up shifting into a role with responsibility and decision-making power well beyond my years. In time, that opened a career beyond what I even thought possible at the time.

  • uncontrollable growth – the kind that puts a business at more risk than most realize
  • unproven products – made worse by brands being unknown
  • over-capitalization – creating unique pressure from outside investors

But my superpower is understanding the intricacies and intersections across Marketing, Sales, Product, Ops, Tech, Finance, Legal, etc.

Which is why, over the span of my career, I’ve sold products, managed teams, and launched brand new lines of business. But I’ve also…

  • advised on major acquisitions that impacted 1000s of employees with billions of revenue in play
  • expanded existing businesses into new channels of distribution
  • proven business models that returned 11x angel investors capital in under 24 months with a $220M exit
  • worked in cutting edge mobile and digital marketing technologies
  • pushed sales increase by more than 20% while reducing costs by nearly 50% in the same period


The list is extensive and the roles have ranged from 5-person startups to 20,000 employees in Fortune 100. They have been very tactical hand-to-hand combat with little-to-no support all the way up to C-suite and advising owners and investors.

It’s been a wild ride, making countless business owners and investors very successful in the process.

— We MIGHT Be A Good Fit If–

Many of the companies I work with are growing… but don’t have the systems and tools in place in order to support their current surge in growth.

Or they know the reason they aren’t scaling up is because they lack the systems and tools to do so.

Here are the common problems that I can help you overcome:

People Issues

Are you getting enough out of your people & are they working as a team?

Lack Of Control

Do you own your business or is your business owning you?

Not Enough Profit

Are you getting the rewards for the time & effort invested into the business?


No Growth

Have you hit a ceiling & wondering how to break through to grow?

Loss of Direction

Are your teams focused on the vision of the company and how you will get there?

Nothing's Working

No matter how or what you try, nothing seems to get you traction.

— We Are Not A Good Fit If–

I’m not the right fit for every business (and not every business is the right fit for me, either). My objective is to help your business achieve positive, long-lasting results and I’ve learned over the years that I can’t do that for everyone.

We’re not going to work well together if you:

  • Are unwilling to take risks
  • Don’t want to deal in facts or be challenged
  • Aren’t interested in growth
  • Won’t commit to long-term strategic planning
  • Run your business as a dictator
  • Are unwilling (or unable) to invest in your team & business

— Let’s Discover If We’re A Great Fit…–

Everyone tells you they can deliver results, but the difference is that I’ve already done it for thousands of other business owners. Let’s get on a phone call to determine if we’re the perfect fit to work together.



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