About Cullen Talley
So Where Did It Start?
I don’t know for sure but I have no recollection of it not being part of me, this insatiable curiosity about business. It was always there this innate desire to understand why people purchased, how successful business were run, why some seemed to keep growing and others would get stuck, why some seemed to always need money and others didn’t, and why some seemed like only 1 or 2 people could make decisions and others were different. 

At six years old, I remember loving being around the business meetings my parents had in our home, listening to audios of business gurus of the time riding in the car or stocking shelves, going to out of town conventions with them dressed in a 3 piece suit and sitting in the room listening to the keynote speakers for hours. (I know I know strange kid…) I remember helping setup product demonstrations and loved the times I got to do them for prospects, checking in inventory for their business, handling money, and seeing the business expand and all the while feeling a sense of pride as kid for the role I played. I loved every minute of it and it was a fascination that never went away.

Fast forward a few years and I decided to work full time while in college and in a matter of months wind up shifting into a role with responsibility and decision making power well beyond my years that opened a path and a career beyond what I even thought possible at the time. That continued for years to come as I increased my knowledge, honed communication skills, expanded my network, built business after business and came to understand the intricacies of the fundamentals across Marketing, Sales, Ops, Finance, Legal, etc. and how those each intersected resource allocation, strategic planning, raising capital, corporate valuation, competition, and innovation.

In those years I’ve sold products, managed teams, launched brand new lines of business, advised on major acquisitions that impacted 1000s of employees with billions of revenue in play, expanded existing business into new channels of distribution, proven business models that returned 11x angel investors capital in under 24 months with a $220M exit, worked in cutting edge mobile and digital marketing technologies, pushed sales increase by more than 20% while reducing costs by nearly 50% in the same period. I’ve stepped into businesses with uncontrollable growth putting them at risk, ones with no identity and unproven products, ones that were over capitalized creating unique pressure from outside investors. The list is extensive and the roles have been from 5 person startups up to 20,000 employees in Fortune 100. They have been very tactical hand to hand combat with little to no support up to C-suite and advising owners and investors. 
So What!
Exactly! That only matters if you have a sense that I can help you. There are so many intros you can read and so many who claim to be able to deliver Results, so now it is matter of us spending some time together to determine if either of us is a fit for the other. I am not a fit for all business, and all businesses are not a fit for me. The goal from here is simple having a conversation and determine if an invitation will be extended to move into an engagement.
So Why Might It Work?
  • Focus:  I limit the # of clients I choose to work with at any given time.
  • Endurance: I am uniquely qualified mentally to stay engaged with you during the process. (15 full & half Ironman races will do that for you.)
  •  Patience: I am not interested in moving slow at all, but the truth is sustainable and predictable results often require patience and precision.
  • Wisdom: I have over 2 decades of business experience having worked with and contracted over 2,000 companies, which cannot be replicated by others having only been inside 3-7 companies as an owner or employee.
  • Balance: I look at business in the context of a life larger than just the business, because it is the way I live my life, and as such becomes the framework for my clients and their teams.
Let's Talk.