A Purpose-Driven Hiring Process? It’s More Important Than You Think.

Over the past decade, the way we do business has shifted wildly. Most recently, we are hearing from our clients that recruiting and retention are some of their greatest challenges. Many will tell us that great employees are hard to find.

We push back on that thinking. Those great employees are still out there, but you need to do the right work to attract and keep them. Skip this step, and they’ll find a space somewhere else… worst-case scenario, with your competitors. Bringing them your direction begins with understanding what they really want…

Thanks to recent surveys completed by DeloitteMcKinsey, and Gallup it’s become clear that more than ever before, top talent wants to work for a company whose values mirror their own. For example:

…And if you’re wondering whether all of this really matters for your business—Millennials currently make up 39% of the US workforce. Gen Z is projected to make up 30% of the market by 2030.

So yes, this matters. The numbers don’t lie.

As an experienced business leader, you know that thriving in today’s ever-evolving economic climate requires a team of talented, engaged employees who are fully bought into your company’s mission and values.

But how do you go about finding those people? 

It starts with getting CRYSTAL clear about your purpose as a business owner, your company’s mission, and exactly the type of talent you want to attract.

This has always been true… but the data above shouts loud and clear: over the next few years, companies who get serious about defining and living in alignment with a clear purpose will have a significant hiring edge against companies who try to continue “business as usual.”

Whatever your personal mission or core values, making them an integral part of your business messaging, marketing, and hiring plans will help you stand out to prospective team members who share your code of values.


If you’re in the midst of looking for your next rockstar hire, here are a few steps you can take to create a more purpose-driven hiring process:

  1. Revisit your core values. Get clear about exactly what your company does—and doesn’t—stand for. Craft a clear and compelling values statement that broadcasts these values to your market.
  2. Incorporate input from your current team. If you want to ensure that new hires mesh with your current team members, invite employees to help create your company purpose statement.
  3. Weave your values into your processes. This is a longer-term project—but once you’re clear on your purpose, thread it through all the areas of your business. Your purpose should be more than just a poster on the wall.
  4. Adjust any job posting or standard interview questions to reflect your purpose. Make it easy for potential hires to self-select for values alignment. Bonus—this will make it easier to weed out unqualified prospects during the interview process.
  5. Constantly reinforce your purpose. From frequent mentions during the hiring process, to planning more values-aligned meetings—emphasize the “why” behind your work at every opportunity.


Examples of Clear Purpose Statements

We work with our clients on creating clear, compelling purpose statements every day. Here’s what some of them have to say:

  • BRANDED BILLS:  To challenge, to create, and to activate.
    • They want people to be able to connect to their experiences and are constantly innovating their products  to remain relevant.
  • BEHAVIOURAL INTERVENTION GROUP: To redefine what’s possible for their children, families, and team.
    • They are the only CABAS®  accredited school in the Gulf South. Every therapist on BIG’s staff embodies the same degree of dedication and commitment as the founders.
  • DESIGN PICKLE: To change lives through creativity.
    • They use creative people from around the world to support their clients who need creatives projects completed.
  • TOWNSEND BUILDING SUPPLY: To drive order into an otherwise chaotic world.
    • All of their products, services, investments and differentiated activities drive to this purpose.
  • C3 INSURANCE: To create a culture worthy of a lasting impact.
    • Their BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal!) is to be nationally recognized as a “Best Place to Work” by 2028.
  • NEW HOME BUILDING: To help build the foundations on which others live their lives for 5 generations through supplying all your construction needs.


This is the level of clarity, purpose, and direction you need to create in your business. Doing so will help you anchor everything you do in a clear mission, which leads to cohesion in your strategy, daily operations, team building, and more.

Need a starting point to clearly define your own unique purpose and mission as an organization?

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