Saying the things
no one else wants to say.

Achieving results
no one else can.


Business transformation and leadership development begin with addressing the struggles that businesses, owners, and teams all face:

Addressing issues feels like playing Whack-a-Mole.
We want our teams to show up inspired and aligned.
As a leader, I feel trapped with no more time to give.
We’ve hit a ceiling and can’t break through.

We’re growing fast and don’t know what to do.

We need someone to hold us accountable.
We want to know we’re making the right decisions.

Bring in a business coach to solve these issues, develop your teams, and accelerate your growth. It starts with a conversation.

Intense and direct.
Humble and compassionate.

No cookie cutters or theories
when it comes to coaching teams.

Our business coaches provide hands-on business and leadership development experience, not just book theory.
They’re experienced business leaders who know what it takes to win,
Where rigid solutions don’t work, we make room to flex.

That’s how we guide teams to previously unattainable results.
Stability, growth, profit, culture change, and personal freedom – we bring it in a way that other leadership development programs, management consultants, and even EOS Implementers® can’t.

Our approach isn’t for everyone, but the results are the kind everyone wants.

Curious yet? Get to know our coaching team…

Momentum Matters brings together our Certified Business Coaches for conversations about the challenges they see clients facing every day and the Exit Momentum operating system and strategies that are helping those clients transform their businesses and develop their leadership teams.

Real conversations. Real results.

Real results for businesses just like yours.

Stuart & Company

“We had no structure in our planning process… This operating system has given us a venue to discuss and set our goals weekly and quarterly. We now know who needs to solve what problems, and what the process will be behind that. It’s really helped to reduce confusion.”
– Blake Panepinto, Sr. Product Manager

Branded Bills

“A lot of it was our ability to manage all of the things that were going on in the business… You start hiring people, you start managing personalities, you start trying to multitask and micromanage a little bit, which we weren’t good at… A lot of aspects of the business were growing faster than we could handle. We needed ways to manage our time and manage people effectively… being able to focus back on why we started the business.”
– Sam Coil, Co-Founder, Branded Bills

Ready to go? Here’s how we get started:

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Fill out an application to request a 30-minute consultation. If accepted, you’ll learn more about our unique approach to business coaching, leadership development, and strategic planning.

Call in Your Team
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How serious are we about helping you develop your leadership team? We want them on your information & evaluation call, so they can be part of the business coaching process from the very beginning.

Make a Decision

We strongly believe you should be a Clear Yes or a Clear No about working with our team so we will schedule a decision call following the Fit Meeting. If you’re ready to approach this work with that level of intensity and clarity and we feel like your team is the right fit for our process, we’ll make things official.

Our customers results:

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Leadership Team Issues/Opportunities Solved

Company Issues/Opportunities Solved

We’ve coached these businesses to results.

Let us coach you next.

Ready to go?

Finding out if there’s a fit, and if Exit Momentum is the right coaching team for you, begins with a call. We’ll talk about where you’re at and where you want to go, and see if we’re the right team to help you get there.

(225) 351-7878

Exit Momentum
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I have worked closely with Coach Jason for years now and he’s made such a positive impact on me as a manger and as a professional. Exit Momentum will absolutely push you to grow, so if you are thinking of working with them, GET READY!
Very impactful activities and planning for business success.
I am currently working with Julie Couret from Exit Momentum, and it is a game-changer for our business. Julie's expertise, insight, and personalized coaching approach are helping us identify key areas for improvement and implement effective strategies that drive significant growth. Her ability to understand our unique challenges and provide actionable solutions is invaluable. I highly recommend Exit Momentum and Julie Couret for anyone looking to elevate their business to the next level!
Response from the owner: Derek, thank you for taking the time to share about how Coach Julie’s skills have impacted the company.
Have been using Jason with Exit Momentum for several months now, he has been amazing and has helped our company tremendously. Highly recommend.
Response from the owner: Ryan, thanks for sharing how effective working with Coach Jason has been for you and the team!
Jason has been a great teacher and great guide in helping to clarify our values, purpose and company goals.
Jason is extremely helpful at coaching our team to growing our company
Jason A has been a great implementer!
This program is informative and captivating! Great for struggling AND thriving businesses!
Our recent session exceeded our expectations. Deric's approach was well-structured, which not only kept us on track but also held us accountable for our progress and goals. This structured approach made a significant difference in how we engaged with the material and with each other, ensuring that every minute of the session was purposeful and impactful.What stood out to me the most was Deric's listening skills. It became evident early on that he was deeply committed to understanding our unique challenges and goals. This wasn't just surface-level listening; he genuinely sought to comprehend where we were coming from, which allowed for a tailored and highly effective experience.For anyone considering an implementer, I recommend Deric and Exit Momentum. Whether you're looking to improve personally or professionally, the combination of a well-structured approach, genuine listening, and excellent teaching methods will undoubtedly set you on the path to achieving your goals. Reach out to Exit Momentum!
Response from the owner: Thank you for sharing all of this with us! Coach Deric is an exceptional man, leader, and coach, we are so proud to have him as part of the team.
I have enjoyed our sessions with Cullen and Exit Momentum. I have worked with numerous organizations prior to Cullen's group and Exit Momentum is in a class by itself.
Response from the owner: Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We work incredibly hard to do just that, and it never gets old hearing we hit the mark from people such as yourself.
2023 was a challenging year for us. We needed a great annual meeting to set the tone and to motivate our team for 2024. Cullen didn't disappoint. He provided great leadership and guidance during our meeting. I left feeling very confident about our team's focus for 2024.
Response from the owner: Michael, we are constantly trying to innovate our methods add new tools as required to drive those results for our clients. Townsend's willingness to trust us and do what is required is a testament to the results you create.
Exit Momentum and the staff, namely Jason Ambeau, are a wonderful team that offer an abundance of support and guidance, certainly with more to offer. The team does well to pull the absolute most out of every interaction to first elevate you and help create proper structure overall going forward. If you seek to better your business from the leadership level and throughout your organization, I certainly recommend Exit Momentum!
Response from the owner: Thank you Carson. We appreciate you and the entire team at New Home Building Stores!We strive to "deliver value with every interaction", and our value is only measured by your success!
Jason does a phenomenal job helping our company be the Best it can be. He is an excellent coach and he cares alot about his clients and the growth they achieve. He is a game changer!!!
Response from the owner: Thank you Ann. It is my privilege and joy to work with you and the whole team @ General Paper Company and to mark the enormous growth and progress you've made over the past 2 years!
Our company uses Exit Momentum for our quarterly meetings and monthly coaching. The accountability has made a tremendous difference in our business. Deric is our coach and he is phenomenal.
Response from the owner: Pat, thanks for sharing about your elite level experience with Coach Deric!
The amount of motivation and information has been impactful to our organization! Positive feedback from our Annual Meeting will make for an amazing year! Thanks Exit Momentum!
Response from the owner: Steven, we approach your embracing these ideas and even more so your passion for the team and the business. We are excited to see what you and the team pull off again this year.
Not knowing what to expect, I walked into session with Cullen Talley open minded and ready to take things up a notch with our businesses. I can say without hesitation that this has been the best money we could have invested in the future health of our organizations. Cullen has the tools, has the direction, the clarity, and the extreme ability to hear between the noise. He gets into it day one with the resources to create maximum impact! Don't hesitate to put this company to work for your team!
Response from the owner: We appreciate you sharing how quick the impact can occur and helping others overcome any initial nervousness about starting.
I have served on three different leadership teams for three different businesses (Avco Roofing Residential, Avco Roofing Commercial, and The Catch-All). Cullen began working with us in April of 2022 implementing each of those businesses. Cullen is a straight shooter, a challenger, an experienced business leader, with high EQ, and is relentless about results. Bringing him on as Implementer has brought tremendous value for all three businesses, and I would definitely recommend working with Cullen. We have seen catalyzation of business growth, professional development, communication, strength of process, and accountability rise in every area.
Beyond impressed at the value this brings to our team. Highly recommend!
Working with Jason at Exit Momentum has been an easy process and a constant delivery of results within our company and the leadership team.
Response from the owner: Elisabeth, thank you for recongizing Jason for the impact he has had on the team!
Jason works with our team here at Lajaunies Pest Control. Our meetings provide clarity and unity amongst the team and helps drive our business forward and towards the next level. The process works and I greatly appreciate his coaching.
Response from the owner: Eric, thanks for the acknowledgment of the value Jason brings. He works hard to make sure he is prepared for each client engagement.
Exit Momentum and our coach/implementer, Cullen has allowed us to take our quarterly off site meetings to the next level. We go in with an unlimited amount of ideas and issues, and he helps us narrow down our focus for what we should be focused on in the next 90 days, while reminding us of the bigger picture of our 1 year, 3 year and 10 year goals. From helping us resolve people issues, organizing our thoughts with our Accountability Chart, creating strategy, setting goals-- the list goes on. Not to mention the many different exercises/discussions he leads to help our team keep our company's vision in mind when making big decisions. We leave every meeting with clarity and focus. No matter where your company stands, Exit Momentum will play a huge part in helping you bring your company to the next level.
Response from the owner: Emily, thanks so much for taking the time to share the value you are finding in the work that we are so proud to do with you and the team.
On behalf of our team, I'm excited to give a positive review for Deric at Exit Momentum! Deric has played a crucial role in shaping our leadership team's strategy and agency-wide projects. His work has made us more efficient and improved communication across departments, and I'm truly impressed by his dedication and expertise.Deric knows how to run a growing business effectively. He gets our goals and helps us turn them into practical plans. Working with Deric is not just productive but also enjoyable. He brings a strong sense of teamwork to our meetings, making collaboration easy.Even though we've worked together for a relatively short time, Deric has already had a significant impact on our organization. His strategic thinking, ability to build a cohesive team, and infectious positivity have all contributed to our success. We're lucky to have him on our team, and I wholeheartedly recommend Deric to anyone in need of a skilled and professional coach!
Response from the owner: Suzanna, thanks so much for the kind comments about Coach Deric and what he already helped you all achieve in such a short period of time. We are ecstatic to hear that, and are also not surprised. Keep it up!
J'Beau and Exit Momentum help in many ways, but if you're looking to get to the next level - these guys will get you there. If you are a company looking to grow or a company just starting out - don't wait, call these guys. Results on our businesses show almost immediately with their organization, website and quarterly/weekly meetings. - Jeff Benedic
Response from the owner: Jeff, thanks so much for recognizing Jason, he is one of the great coaches we have and a true asset to his clients.
Jason is very inspiring and an excellent motivator and coach.
Response from the owner: Scott, thanks for the note, we appreciate you trusting Jason to help your team drive to a new level of results.
Exit has lifted our business to new heights through thoughtful growth and enhancing our leadership skills!
Response from the owner: Thank you for sharing your experience, and for your constant pursuit of humble leadership especially considering the level of success you and the team have created.
Our experience with Cullen and the team at Exit Momentum has been nothing short of Extraordinary. The VALUE he and his team provide is unmatched and our investment with Exit Momentum and returned us 10x in our business. Period. If you are wanting to take your business to the next level and do it in a systematic and predictable way, reach out to Exit Momentum.
Response from the owner: Thank you Jace for the opportunity to help shape the future of Legacy Farmer as you impact 1000s of family farmers and ranchers across North America.
Exit Momentum has changed the way we make all decisions for the direction of our business!
Response from the owner: Mark, thank you for being the kind of client who is willing to be challenged and see things in new ways for the greater good of IGS.
Great Experience and loved the process we went through as a management team!
Response from the owner: You guys crushed it and are just getting started with what all you can create as a company!
Exit momentum exceeded my expectations and has helped archetype how I run my business. I brought Jason on and we worked through the fundemantal foundations which was powerful. I saw my business differently afterwords in a way that allows greater accountability and clarity. Moving forward, we run differently and more professionally. It was a huge level up for me and my company.
Response from the owner: Scott, we appreciate you taking the time to leave a note and recognizing how affective Jason is at helping teams get clear and create new levels of success.
Our Leadership Team has been working with Cullen and Exit Momentum for a few years, and our partnership has been an absolute game changer. His presence has not only relieved us of the need to spend our time and attention on running our strategy meetings, but the additive effect of his insight into team dynamics and general business strategy are like having an extra executive who doesn't suffer from the bias of living in the same whirlwind that we do. The financial results we have seen are many multiples greater than the cost. It's been one of the best decisions we've ever made.
Response from the owner: Rob, we truly appreciate the chance to work with you and the rest of the Townsend team. You and the team challenge us to continue to provide more value based on who you are and how you operate.
We started our EOS journey in January 2021. Cullen and his team have been amazing, everything I was looking for in an implementor. We are seeing immediate results and I cant wait to continue to learn, implement and improve.
Response from the owner: Chris, thanks so much, we are honored to work with you and the whole IGS team as you redefine what's possible in your industry.
Cullen Talley is fabulous! His program has been well spent time and well spent money! Cullen helped us bring clarity, focus, accountability, and discipline to our Company and our Team. Anyone wanting to get the most from their efforts to run their business more successfully should really consider Cullen Talley, Exit Momentum, and the EOS Process.
Response from the owner: We are so thankful for all your efforts and are excited to be a part of your path to even more success.
I’d give more stars if I could. Cullen and Exit Momentum are a powerhouse. The clarity we’ve gained since working with them has allowed us to grow in ways and at a speed we never thought possible. What I appreciate most is the direct approach, which means we cut right through to the core of everything and don’t waste time on the surface level of anything. If you have the chance to work with Cullen I highly recommend it. I’ve grown more in the last 2 quarters than I have in the last 2 years, and we aren’t stopping there.
Response from the owner: Thank you Bill, I appreciate you and the team and your willingness to go where we need to go to do what we say we are going to do, not everyone gets that, and you all do.
Working with Cullen has been great. He has provided us with the tools to become laser focused at growing our company. It feels like he is part of our team and has a vested interest in helping our leadership group be the best!
Response from the owner: Thank you. We really enjoy working with committed leaders like yourself.
We couldn't be more pleased with Cullen and his staff. I can't wait for our next session!
Response from the owner: Thank you sir, we are proud to be associated with you and the Townsend team.
Cullen and his team know their stuff!! Fantastic system for capturing your company's goals and holding your team accountable.
Cullen Talley has brought our team together. We are now focused on the same known goals. We are finally all pulling in the same direction!!
Response from the owner: It is an exciting time for you and the team at Peak, thanks for this kind note.
Cullen brought clarity, insight and strategy to our growing company giving us tools to continue to build a strong team. For many years, we have tried problem solving, but Cullen led us through exercises to develop the skills and processes to actually solve problems instead of continuing to talk about them. Highly recommend!
Response from the owner: Thank you! We are proud of the work you have all done and the results you've created.
It is no secret COVID-19 has impacted businesses in crazy ways and by having Cullen stand with us through that chaotic process has been a huge sign of dedication and support. He didn't pull back, in fact, he kept communication going and gave us several options on how to move forward with our meetings together. Cullen truly cares for others to succeed and he has been incredibly valuable to me and to our entire leadership team as well. Thank you, Cullen, for all of the support!
Response from the owner: Thank you Kayla, you guys have done the hard work, I simply set the context and provide a little "guidance" in my own way :). It's been a pleasure watching you rise as a leader through the process to date.
Cullen has been a game changer for our firm. The knowledge and expertise he brings to help implement EOS is authentic. He is a major reason for the growth we have experienced!
Response from the owner: Gavin, you all have certainly risen to the challenge, and your obsession for serving your clients is clear, thanks for inviting me in for a front row seat.
In 4 hours we accomplished more to establish our businesses structure, systems, accountability and vision than the last 6 months combined. Cullen brought our team closer together while making sure each member knew exactly what they needed to do in order for our practice to grow. Thank you for being the absolute best in the business.
Response from the owner: Dr. Cain, you bet, it is so much fun working with you, Alanna and the rest of the Impact team because you are so focused on increasing the standard you set for your patients regardless of how much better you are than anyone else's standard, while at the same time investing in yourselves and your team. That's a unusual combination and one I know will serve you for years to come.
Cullen's guidance and all the tools that he has at his disposal have truly begun a transformation in all of our businesses. Being known for my organization and systems you often believe you've got it handled and this exposed a new level available to us as an organization. On top of that my team has never been more clear on how we execute from here. Which has real material impact on the business($$$) while having massive impact on the human value for us individually and collectively.
Response from the owner: Dr. Buffington, your desire to constantly learn and test your already proven approach to business has led to a level of production that most in your profession dream of. It is this insatiable drive that makes doing what I do with you and your team so rewarding for me.
Working with Cullen and Exit Momentum has been a game changer for our business. There is no question the systems, insight and guidance he's provided has added legitimate bottom line value that will be 100x the investment for years to come!
Response from the owner: Russ, the culture you've built is infectious and my time with you and the team is incredibly energizing because of it and I know you'll execute the plan. It is one thing to create a plan it is quite the other to actually pull it off as a global company, and the real .01% of you and your team is how much you enjoy the challenge of doing it individually and as a team.
Exit Momentum has brought clarity to our office. It has lead us in a direction that I am so excited about. We have clear core values in written and shared, we have 5 and 10 year goals, we have team meetings that are specific and thought out. We have learned to work together to accomplish our goals & make sure we have employees to match! Thank you Momentum!
Response from the owner: Candy, thank you it makes me smile thinking about you cracking the whip and keeping those docs in line with this structure that you are so well suited for. Thanks for being so committed to the "greater good" it shows in your results.
Cullen is a very sophisticated caring professional. He has been a great mentor to me and my business for 10 years now. I owe some of my success to him.
Cullen is a engaging, positive and genuine. I’ve worked with him professionally and I love his passion, sincerity, and creativity. I would and have recommended him to my peers, friends, and colleagues. 5 stars from me all day everyday!
Cullen Talley is a master in business, with a fantastic career spanning over 20 years, he leads from experience he has acquired himself, versus leading from theory he's never tried before. He has helped my business get very clear on what we're doing, where we are going, and how we are going to get there.He has also been operating as a 1 on 1 guide mentoring and coaching my ability to lead inside of my business as well as life as an entrepreneur. He has a relentless drive as well and can smell BS from a 100 miles away, sometimes before you even realize it yourself, so when you enter his tutelage be prepared to put everything on the line. If you're looking to get very clear on what you want as a business owner, backed by real action steps and a road-map to get there, this is your guide.